WoW: Mists of Pandaria [OST] - Serpent Riders

  • Ajoutée 25 sept. 2012
  • World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Soundtrack - Serpent Riders
    Composer: Russell Brower,
    Neal Acree,
    Jeremy Soule,
    Sam Cardon,
    Edo Guidotti
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  • Trooper Bear FN2525

    Ah, when WOW finally and shamelessly went after the East Asia market .... Some of the most awkward compositions in comparison to the previous work, this is one of the exceptions here. There was so much overexposure at the time in media too (John Williams' Memoirs of a Geisha, there was also House of Flying Daggers .. etc.)

  • Alec Fortescue
    Alec Fortescue Il y a an

    This is edited.

    • Wicek
      Wicek Il y a 10 mois

      Its not. .

  • I still can't believe it's not everything

    Heretic and HeXen??????????????

  • Cchan
    Cchan Il y a 3 ans +7

    Rubick and Monkey king chase.

  • UtopiaFox
    UtopiaFox Il y a 4 ans +8

    I didn't realise until I checked the composers for Mists of Pandaria that I actually noticed how much this soundtrack screams Jeremy Soule.
    Love it!

    • Santo29200
      Santo29200 Il y a 5 mois

      I KNEW IT !!! I also thought how the tracks weirdly sounded like Jeremy's composings

  • Te Di
    Te Di Il y a 4 ans +8


  • Edvard-D
    Edvard-D Il y a 4 ans +13

    Reminds me so much of a John William's piece. One of my favorite songs in WoW now.

    • Benefacez
      Benefacez Il y a 4 ans +1

      +Edvard Dumansky You are right, it sounds like it could be from an Indiana Jones movie :P

  • Alexaeus
    Alexaeus Il y a 4 ans +8

    ...Aaaaaand instant goosebumps.

  • egodbout2
    egodbout2 Il y a 5 ans


  • Andrick's Arcanum
    Andrick's Arcanum Il y a 5 ans +9

    This song deserves way more recognition. It's fantastic.

  • gökmen adsız
    gökmen adsız Il y a 5 ans +19

    0:00 - 2:30 Normal Phase / 2:30 - 5:00 Heroic Phase

  • ThaPivguy
    ThaPivguy Il y a 7 ans +4

    2:50- 5:01