Legion Soundtrack - 3 - Azeroth's Last Hope (Cinematic Music)

  • Ajoutée 30 août 2016
  • Music from the World of Warcraft: Legion soundtrack by Russell Brower, Neal Acree, Sam Cardon, Edo Guidotti and Glenn Stafford
    © Blizzard Entertainment, all rights reserved. World of Warcraft: Legion is a trademark of Blizzard entertainment.
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Commentaires • 69

  • taavidude
    taavidude Il y a 29 jours +5

    2:13 - 2:27 is so damn epic, wish there was an extended edition of that

  • Michael Briney
    Michael Briney Il y a 3 mois +1

    I think we can all agree that Varien Wrynn Will be forever missed it does not matter if your Horde or Alliance. May the spirit of Lo'gosh Forever roam Free, and watch over The Lion of the Light.

    WILLIAMMONSTER1 Il y a 3 mois

    You are not prepared!

  • Crazzert
    Crazzert Il y a 3 mois +1

    That was great expansion...

  • Dovahkiin
    Dovahkiin Il y a 3 mois +9

    3:19 gives me shivers to my core. You'll never be forgotten Varian.

  • Evans Kan
    Evans Kan Il y a 3 mois

    First Illidan (killing X'era), then Sylvanas. They both "broke" destiny's chains and the endless cycle.

  • Imanisu.
    Imanisu. Il y a 5 mois +3

    "They're coming! They're coming back!"

  • Vickran
    Vickran Il y a 6 mois +6

    ”Anduin i beleive now as you do that peace is the nobliest aspiration. But to preserv it, You must be willing to fight”

  • Miwyno
    Miwyno Il y a 8 mois +5

    I miss Varian... 2:30

    • Dave Wilson
      Dave Wilson Il y a 8 mois

      So do I if he was still alive he would have already have fed Syvanas her own teeth and not pussyfooted around like Anduin, and there maybe wouldn't be any need for BFA.

  • HJ Badger
    HJ Badger Il y a 11 mois +1

    1:09 hore players are so excited and ready to fight

  • MW Majin
    MW Majin Il y a an +1

    FOR AZEROTH !!!!!!

  • Achromcaes
    Achromcaes Il y a an +7

    Bizzard has the most epic soundtracks in the world.

  • Sang Woody
    Sang Woody Il y a an +2

    2:08 to 2:26

  • ƝıƘƱȽǠ
    ƝıƘƱȽǠ Il y a an +6

    The beginning sounds like some Two Steps From Hell music.

  • lionel breguet
    lionel breguet Il y a an +1

    Best song ever after Illidan

  • Gio Diana
    Gio Diana Il y a an +2

    I'm blind not deaf.

  • Carlos John
    Carlos John Il y a an +7

    The beginning of the WoW best expansion of all its history.
    I remember it when i was looking for the first time on the "Blizzcon 2015" cinenatic reveal.
    Miss those times...
    1:30 TBC flasbacks...

    • irij
      irij Il y a an

      Carlos John Not quite sure about it being the best expansion

  • Ragerous person
    Ragerous person Il y a an +3

    one thing i noticed since i transitioned from wc3 to wow, is that illidan's moonblades do not have pandas anymore...
    plus, illidan has poor wing maintenance...

  • Dorian Btn
    Dorian Btn Il y a an


  • Dylan Cunningham
    Dylan Cunningham Il y a an

    I'm getting Arkham City vibes from the first part

  • Felipe Cavalcante
    Felipe Cavalcante Il y a an +22

    I miss Legion..

  • Vull Morrow
    Vull Morrow Il y a an

    Times change is still the best once again

  • Abdulrahman
    Abdulrahman Il y a an +40

    Legion , you will be missed

    • Zwi@dowca
      Zwi@dowca Il y a mois

      @Erwin Pommel in exception of WoD which was SHIT.

    • Erwin Pommel
      Erwin Pommel Il y a mois

      The last good expansion.

  • Elmar Osmonaliev
    Elmar Osmonaliev Il y a an

    Я кончил.

  • omar sameh
    omar sameh Il y a an +2


  • Aegis
    Aegis Il y a an

    0:47 shit gets real. So epic.

  • Lily Dogkid
    Lily Dogkid Il y a an +3


  • Purple Chili
    Purple Chili Il y a an +1

    CHILLING. FOR AZEROTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ali Sever
    Ali Sever Il y a an +9

    2:06 FOR VARIAN !

  • Veena Desebrook
    Veena Desebrook Il y a 2 ans


  • Martin Neiverth
    Martin Neiverth Il y a 2 ans

    When will you upload BfA cinematic music?

  • danseptem
    danseptem Il y a 2 ans +1

    Nice one!

  • Sierra Stephens
    Sierra Stephens Il y a 2 ans +4


  • Mike Zacek
    Mike Zacek Il y a 2 ans +3

    How cool would it have been if they gave mythic Argus a freebie phase at the very end (Lich King style) where you just wail on him before he dies, and they kick in 2:06 for that part. hnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

  • Wettergren
    Wettergren Il y a 2 ans +12

    3:19 - That is why I enjoy playing WoW.. That is just pure epicness!

  • Eliza Lin
    Eliza Lin Il y a 2 ans +3

    this song has the most fire drop ever.

  • Stan TWICE You fools
    Stan TWICE You fools Il y a 2 ans +5

    2:07 3:19 chills

  • plastic Star
    plastic Star Il y a 2 ans +2

    At last...

  • Kekadoodle
    Kekadoodle Il y a 2 ans +4

    Gotta admit, 3:00 to 3:45 was actually orgasmic.

  • SmexyRula
    SmexyRula Il y a 2 ans +9

    Man Anduins theme kicks royal ass. so good

  • Xar'Azoth
    Xar'Azoth Il y a 2 ans +116

    When will Alliance and Horde learn that the destiny of their air ships is to crash down each time they are repaired ...
    Flying Scourge buildings are still the safest way to fly, just ask the Death Knights about their order hall, they can confirm xD

    • Ragerous person
      Ragerous person Il y a an

      @Martin Neiverth what about the black citadels? the halls of the dead? or at least sapphiron?

    • Daniskil Or Daniil
      Daniskil Or Daniil Il y a an +2

      *Highlord Darion Mograine aproves this*

    • tremedar
      tremedar Il y a an

      @Hristo Pavlov Unfair comparison, that's like claiming blowing up a fighter jet that's still on the airfield means it's bad at flying, that Dalaran hadn't taken off yet!

    • Hristo Pavlov
      Hristo Pavlov Il y a an +3

      There's a cinematic of Archimonde one shoting Dalaran with a sand castle and a Khadhar Harbringer I think with dalaran destruction.

    • Martin Neiverth
      Martin Neiverth Il y a an

      tremedar oooh, okay

  • Vincent Cutrufello
    Vincent Cutrufello Il y a 2 ans +3

    3:18 For Azeroth!!!

  • MonkeyDLuffy 86
    MonkeyDLuffy 86 Il y a 2 ans +3

    probably one of the best intro

  • Tse-Hsiang Peng
    Tse-Hsiang Peng Il y a 2 ans +5

    2:30 so sorrow

    • notallgarbage
      notallgarbage Il y a an

      Julie Elven's voice... Listen to the song Icarus from Ivan Torrent's album.... epic!

  • DaddyDarshUniverse
    DaddyDarshUniverse Il y a 2 ans +21

    Illidan did nothing wrong

    • Daniskil Or Daniil
      Daniskil Or Daniil Il y a an

      It's just that the Azeroth dudes were like "oH No!!! HE dRAnK fEl Bl00D!!!!"

  • Mirous
    Mirous Il y a 2 ans +8

    rip wrynn. will be always in my heart, for the horde.

  • Bradley Bradley
    Bradley Bradley Il y a 2 ans +3

    Burning legion, we're coming for YOU NOW!!!

  • I'm here
    I'm here Il y a 2 ans +14

    but to preserve it you must be willing to fight

  • Lacie Baskerville
    Lacie Baskerville Il y a 3 ans +3

    I love this

  • Sig
    Sig Il y a 3 ans +5

    History repeats itself once more, but this time, for the better.

  • David Kolačný
    David Kolačný Il y a 3 ans +3

    2:06 - A terrible goose skin has returned to our world.

  • Chrinan
    Chrinan Il y a 3 ans +5

    2:06 3:19

  • mephistross the lich king jailor

    FOR azeroth

  • holidayee
    holidayee Il y a 3 ans +1


  • Darklord494
    Darklord494 Il y a 3 ans +17

    2:06 and 3:18

  • Serathis
    Serathis Il y a 3 ans +29

    Not bad, but Times Change and Xaxas was better.

    • Sonia
      Sonia Il y a 2 ans


    • Bruno Nadalon
      Bruno Nadalon Il y a 2 ans

      sorry, but nightsong is better

    • Porter Atomsk
      Porter Atomsk Il y a 2 ans +1

      agree 1. Xaxas 2.Times Change 3.Azeroth's Last Hope .... if you ask me

    • Darkus Hydranoid
      Darkus Hydranoid Il y a 3 ans +4

      I only listen to this for the beginning part till Varian goes out on the deck. Feels like the end is coming.

    • Serathis
      Serathis Il y a 3 ans +1

      @Buliwyf90 Lets go adventuring and/or solving cases.

  • 롱노바
    롱노바 Il y a 3 ans +2


  • Giorgos Venetis
    Giorgos Venetis Il y a 3 ans +11


  • G-NetX
    G-NetX Il y a 3 ans +7

    Pour azeroth

    • Jen-Yueh Hu
      Jen-Yueh Hu Il y a 2 ans +5

      Azeroth is the newest product from Coca Cola. Pouring it gives you great satisfaction.

    • Vyke
      Vyke Il y a 3 ans +5

      It's the french word to say "For"

    • TheCommentGuy
      TheCommentGuy Il y a 3 ans


  • ConsterMonster 11
    ConsterMonster 11 Il y a 3 ans +93

    "In the end, death claims us all." - Sylvanas

    • WolfenmarK
      WolfenmarK Il y a 2 mois +1

      "This world is a prison... And I will set us all free!"

    • Grape
      Grape Il y a an

      No shit Sherlock everyone dies

    • Ragerous person
      Ragerous person Il y a an

      @Dr. Obvious remember that i brought you back to life. you should thank me for all of this...
      what could have you done when you were still an elf?

    • Ragnar Lothbrok
      Ragnar Lothbrok Il y a an +1

      Not Illidan lel

    • Alex A
      Alex A Il y a an

      Or, you know, literally everyone

  • Ozymandias 19
    Ozymandias 19 Il y a 3 ans +133

    For the Alliance! For the Horde! For Azeroth!!!

    • gonk droid
      gonk droid Il y a 8 mois

      For the swisterlands

    • Ethereal
      Ethereal Il y a an


    • WeedBox
      WeedBox Il y a an

      For the Lich King! For Teldrassil!

    • iSTelios IV
      iSTelios IV Il y a an +1

      @Skoll Shorties Nah f4ck urself BLOOD AND THUNDER

    • iSTelios IV
      iSTelios IV Il y a an +1

      @Stan TWICE You fools xD For MURKY

  • Tibo Moyens
    Tibo Moyens Il y a 3 ans +5

    for azeroth

  • Barack H Obama
    Barack H Obama Il y a 3 ans +154


    • Stan TWICE You fools
      Stan TWICE You fools Il y a 2 ans +3

      I think they used that part of the music for the Broken Shore cinematic

    • Benaya Putra
      Benaya Putra Il y a 3 ans +5

      3:20 seems close enough

    • Chrinan
      Chrinan Il y a 3 ans +1

      No, this is from the trailer. Not from the cinematic. This does not fit.

    • Evan Vatalaro
      Evan Vatalaro Il y a 3 ans +4

      "Give this to my son."

  • daniel hurtado
    daniel hurtado Il y a 3 ans +2

    vengaremos a Varian y a Vol¨jin y aremos justicia POR AZEROTH

    • Marcianito 100%real y no fake
      Marcianito 100%real y no fake Il y a 2 ans

      Andres Alphonse Después, caerán ante las fuerzas de la alianza...
      Por la alianza...

    • Andres Alphonse
      Andres Alphonse Il y a 3 ans

      Vengaremos a Nuestro rey caido y a Azeroth, la horda suplicara clemencia y se la negaremos

  • Miguel Sepúlveda
    Miguel Sepúlveda Il y a 3 ans +36

    Anduin, my son. A terrible darkness returns to this world.

  • Miguel Sepúlveda
    Miguel Sepúlveda Il y a 3 ans +168

    Anduin, my son. A terrible darkness returns to this world.

  • Gælion
    Gælion Il y a 3 ans +21

    3:30 FOR AZEROTH !!!

  • Sovaros
    Sovaros Il y a 3 ans +328

    Once again Blizzard does not disappoint with music.

    • irij
      irij Il y a 28 jours

      @KotstullE LOL

    • minecraft tiger
      minecraft tiger Il y a 5 mois

      Indeed. This music is sooo goood!

    • Zylar Adama
      Zylar Adama Il y a 5 mois

      @Gyranos Yeah, music. Blizzard was much better at cinematography and design before.

    • Gyranos
      Gyranos Il y a 5 mois

      @Zylar Adama except for art

    • Andrés Delaye
      Andrés Delaye Il y a an


  • Dan señor
    Dan señor Il y a 3 ans +6

    For Azeroth!