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Commentaires • 59

  • Ahmed Othman
    Ahmed Othman Il y a 9 jours

    Give book review

  • Goy Man
    Goy Man Il y a 17 jours

    these stories are more than likely fabricated

  • sugon Deez
    sugon Deez Il y a 20 jours


  • xsailor85
    xsailor85 Il y a 20 jours

    One like sends an entitled Karen into a snake pit.

  • King of Creativity
    King of Creativity Il y a 20 jours

    this reminds me of all things d&d

  • flashstudiosguy
    flashstudiosguy Il y a 24 jours +3

    You know, if an Entitled refuses to leave my place of work, I'm not even going to give them a second chance and call the Police straight away and be like "You're leaving my establishment but you're either leaving of your own accord with a little dignity or by force under charge of trespass.."

  • Dixie Ten Broeck
    Dixie Ten Broeck Il y a 25 jours +4

    "Karens" and male counterparts were put on earth to entertain and amuse "us normal folks!" My Nana said "All are queer save thee & me, & even thee's a little odd."

  • tranz2deep
    tranz2deep Il y a 26 jours +2

    Why do Karens keep doing that? This exact stupid dodge pops up in the reddits all the flaming time!

  • wiccacat17
    wiccacat17 Il y a 29 jours

    4th and last story. I wish I had a grandma that cool and handy. Oh wait I have a mom that is and it is cool and handy.

  • Jeremy Pajot
    Jeremy Pajot Il y a mois

    I'm addicted to u lol

  • FirstIsa
    FirstIsa Il y a mois +2

    I've actually had to work with a few teletype calls working as tech support for Verizon. Only time I ever had one break their professionalism was when she stopped mid translation, apologized to me because she had to relay the guys statements word for word and said she'd be talking to her boss about his abuse and have the company send him a reminder of their policies against profanity.
    Honestly the call wasn't hard I just needed to arrange for a tech to go out and replace his FiOS cable box, but he got abusive when he was told I couldn't send a tech out at 3am.

  • BarelyA Survivor
    BarelyA Survivor Il y a mois

    Ep was a Chad or a male Karen

  • Andrew Kalavanos
    Andrew Kalavanos Il y a mois

    I bet Jared has a heavy Indian accent

  • Debbie
    Debbie Il y a mois +3

    The teletype operator did NOT have good intentions 🙄

  • tavia warner
    tavia warner Il y a mois +1

    Screw ALL disrespect humans!!

  • Sofia
    Sofia Il y a mois

    After listening to 4h of creepy stories from Reddit, I need to laugh with some Karen doing bullpoop before trying to sleep.

  • bradwolf07
    bradwolf07 Il y a mois +13

    That Jared should have been prosecuted for his actions in total...exploiting disabilities like that should be punished

    • Renville80
      Renville80 Il y a 14 jours +3

      bradwolf07 not only that, but operators at relay services, whether text or video based, are required to be completely transparent to both sides. Jared needs to be blacklisted from working for any TRS provider, full stop (and as someone who has and continues to use such relay services, I would be immensely pissed if I was in such a situation).

  • utbdoug
    utbdoug Il y a mois +2

    Hank Hill: "I breed snakes and snake accessories" lol

    • Jerebear Panda
      Jerebear Panda Il y a mois +1

      Like seriously hank hill now that i think about that story a little more fully. I can almost hear his voice relay the actual story now.....I now curse you for that utbdoug.

    • CrazyBear65
      CrazyBear65 Il y a mois

      "Ah sell cocaine and cocaine accessories..."

  • BeanKeeper
    BeanKeeper Il y a mois

    This guy's voice makes me want to harm myself.

  • karen stauffer
    karen stauffer Il y a mois +1

    I actually once had a teletype person call me, representing someone attempting to perpetrate a fraud on me! I said, "I understand you are required to translate exactly, but you MUST realize that this person is a scammer. I don't know if there's anything you can do, but you're participating in an attempted crime. Don't call me back." And I hung up.

  • Alex96D
    Alex96D Il y a mois

    So this is such a rip off of the r/slash channel like really not cute being this unoriginal lads

  • mrpopsful
    mrpopsful Il y a mois +2

    That "legitimate US based company" offering subscription support sounds shifty

  • Robert Planas
    Robert Planas Il y a mois

    i also breed snakes ball pythons

  • IceTechnique
    IceTechnique Il y a mois

    No footage :/

  • ian laedtke
    ian laedtke Il y a mois +1

    Snake necessities? But... what about the BEAR necessities?

    • Melkior Wiseman
      Melkior Wiseman Il y a mois +1

      The SIMPLE bear necessities.
      Forget about your troubles and your strife. ;)

  • Thomas Zulli
    Thomas Zulli Il y a mois +2

    when you arent fired for doing shady things but fired for technically doing his job.....thats karma

  • Jamin Sim
    Jamin Sim Il y a mois +56

    Owner: Gets yelled at by Karen, never even seen her before
    Karen: "I know the owner! He'll give me a discount!"
    Owner: Bans Karen
    Karen: 😲

    • flashstudiosguy
      flashstudiosguy Il y a 24 jours +1


    • AllGamesHaveNames
      AllGamesHaveNames Il y a mois +1

      Jamin Sim I’m sorry but I have to I’m a stickler for dead memes Karen: *shocked pikachu face*

  • Alexagrigorieff
    Alexagrigorieff Il y a mois

    I wonder if the second story was from one of those "Microsoft technical support" companies who cold call and scam computer illiterate people.

  • nate godwin
    nate godwin Il y a mois +2

    Ilke teltypet service they help out my cousion

  • Wes Prang
    Wes Prang Il y a mois +2

    OP: "We do low level computer training, on par with basic computer classes. This service isn't cheap, easily over $100 a month."
    Me: "Hello, Better Business Bureau?"

    • Dracolith1
      Dracolith1 Il y a mois +1

      There's obviously nothing close to a basis for a BBB complaint there, so long as the customer is receiving what they contracted for.

  • Thomas Carroll
    Thomas Carroll Il y a mois

    Why is the DnD narrator here? Lol.

  • Stephanie Long Clark
    Stephanie Long Clark Il y a mois +2

    Yeah, that 1st story sound like BS

  • Jason
    Jason Il y a mois +1

    EP sucks as negotiating price. The kid should have tried to correct EP instead of being smug as hell.

  • kitsumekat
    kitsumekat Il y a mois +1

    First story: When anyone whips out the "I know the higher up" card, make them own up to knowing the owner/manager. 50/50 they don't know who they're talking about and is bluffing.

    Second story: Jared was an asshole and his company is shit. If you're not keeping records then it falls on you when the customers sue your company for your employee's behavior. Especially if Jared gets someone killed.

    Third story: If you talk to someone like that regardless, you deserve what's coming to you. She should've let the owner introduce herself first before flying off the bat like that.

    Fourth story: That guy was sexist as hell. He deserves to pay a high price for any parts he gets.

  • becky gould
    becky gould Il y a mois +16

    In first story, with entitled customers attitude, I wouldn’t sell her any animal, she would probably neglect or abuse it !

    • Trilby Man Owens
      Trilby Man Owens Il y a mois

      Might be just me, but I would sell her a snake, I don't like snakes, but normally I would agree with you.

  • corvus13
    corvus13 Il y a mois +3

    Good for Grandma.

  • Pat Ryder
    Pat Ryder Il y a mois +77

    "I will never understand...why EP got so upset about that animal."I apologize if this is too obvious, but it wasn't about the animal. It was about ego, and resulting false beliefs about status, power, and entitlement: basically, narcissism.

    • doug perry
      doug perry Il y a mois

      And the western habit of all ways 'kissing ass' when dealing with females.
      It all starts with the concept of 'you must respect women'. Or 'they are girls, you have to have patience' As in, they are of a superior social standing in society.

  • Lee Harrigan
    Lee Harrigan Il y a mois +50

    When the man in the last story kept asking for "the man in charge", and couldn't except the fact that Op's grandma was capable of helping. At the end when he said he'll go somewhere else. It would of been great if the company the grandmother worked for, was the only company in town to get that service he was looking for.
    Which would mean that the guy would be back, because there would of been no other place to go to. And maybe the closest one being 1 or more towns over. His return would of been so funny.... LOL

    • SCR 8
      SCR 8 Il y a 14 jours +1

      To that man: The 1930's called, they want their mentality back.

    • timmy hipbird
      timmy hipbird Il y a 17 jours

      There is one company (a wrecking yard/used parts yard) that if you call and complain their price is too high and try other places and they don't have it then call back they won't sell to you.(The owner is one stubborn guy). So the only time you call him is AFTER you call everybody else.Bad thing is he was generally the only one to have said part. (and priced accordingly high).

    • flashstudiosguy
      flashstudiosguy Il y a 24 jours

      @Jerebear Panda My Nan would have said exactly the same and any further insubordination would result in him getting her stick to the back of his head and me gripping him by the collar and launching him out the door!

    • TheTwoBeauties
      TheTwoBeauties Il y a mois +2

      Lee Harrigan : Wow, three “would of’s.” 🙄. I can usually ignore one “would of,” but three in a row is irresistible and is begging for a comment. 😂

    • Jerebear Panda
      Jerebear Panda Il y a mois +4

      I was kind of expecting the grandmother to say "I am the man in charge" heavy stress on the Man part as she spoke to the customer(seriously something my own grandmother would have done if she was the grandma in that story lol).

  • Carla W
    Carla W Il y a mois +2

    I want the man in charge! 😂

  • Ecyor 42
    Ecyor 42 Il y a mois +3

    Hasnt this snake story been told already?

    • MrBonners
      MrBonners Il y a mois

      @Ecyor 42 Ownership sets the management, content and focus of the channel, not the viewer.
      To most viewers the stories are new. Your viewing history is irrelevant and nobody cares. If it is a repeat to you then click out.
      You got a problem with the concept of ownership. How long have you been a comrade of the party?

    • Ecyor 42
      Ecyor 42 Il y a mois

      @MrBonners ok bro. I hope you dont have a FRstop channel cause you clearly dont understand how things work. Lol.

    • MrBonners
      MrBonners Il y a mois +1

      @Ecyor 42 I believe that is up to owner of the channel. Your belief is opinion and is irrelevant. You don't think there a repeats in YT or the net? Where is that rule? Is there some kind of Internet Rule Book. Provide link to it please. Who made you YT content cop?

    • Ecyor 42
      Ecyor 42 Il y a mois

      @MrBonners the idea of these is to hear new content each time. . . Thats what

    • MrBonners
      MrBonners Il y a mois

      maybe. so what?

  • French Aids
    French Aids Il y a mois +3

    Wait I'm confused- Is this a Person or a Robot- wtf-

    • MrBonners
      MrBonners Il y a mois

      why are you confused? robot or not is not claimed and not relevant to the subject matter or point of the channel. there is nothing to be confused about.

  • RandomAsshole
    RandomAsshole Il y a mois +3

    so why exactly was a go between needed between the tech support and the deaf guy? they can communicate just fine using chat logs so why was the guy even needed in the first place?

    • becky gould
      becky gould Il y a mois

      So older people aren’t internet savvy .

    • drmayeda1
      drmayeda1 Il y a mois +1

      The teletype operator is needed to set up the remote link since you need to restart your computer. An old lady may not be comfortable using a chat.

    • Lance _the_ gunner
      Lance _the_ gunner Il y a mois +1

      RandomAsshole I think they needed it before the screen share started, then the customer decided to continue it after

  • Chris Cattelino
    Chris Cattelino Il y a mois +4

    I think we need to change the name "Karen" to "Nancy" in honor of Nancy the Ripper Pelosi.

  • DrPluton
    DrPluton Il y a mois +16

    I hate the "YOU WILL DO THIS" people like the lady in the pet shop. They ask for services we can't offer and then tell us we WILL do it even after we explain that we don't have those service options.

  • Joey M
    Joey M Il y a mois +1

    I'm surprised the first woman didn't pull the race card to go with all that attitude of hers.

  • SaberTooth and Friends
    SaberTooth and Friends Il y a mois +1

    dude these are old please post more recent ones

    • MrBonners
      MrBonners Il y a mois

      so? not old to all of us. it's not all about you. the channel does not exist for your exclusive amusement needs or track what you have seen.

    • Dana Moore
      Dana Moore Il y a mois

      Some do seem to get rehashed. I had not heard this group before.

  • Jen C
    Jen C Il y a mois +2

    Wow Jared sux

  • anna nimus
    anna nimus Il y a mois +5

    "Me own this business "?

  • Carol Mello
    Carol Mello Il y a mois +10

    The teletype person Jared was actually doing a disservice to his customers. I have never run into that the few times I used a teletype operator. It has never occurred to me that a teletype operator would do something like that.

  • Betti Manning
    Betti Manning Il y a mois +8

    Karen going from get the manager to I know the owners in just a couple of minutes. Hahahahaha I am the owner! ☺

  • envelopingdarkness
    envelopingdarkness Il y a mois +6

    I've noticed you keep recycling stories recently.

    • envelopingdarkness
      envelopingdarkness Il y a mois +1

      @MrBonners this isn't live tv where reruns are a thing. Would you expect a review channel to review channel to review the same show multiple times, or a newspaper to release yesterday's stories?

    • MrBonners
      MrBonners Il y a mois

      @envelopingdarkness your whine is off topic

    • MrBonners
      MrBonners Il y a mois

      @envelopingdarkness The point of the channel is the stories and comments on the substance. Not the heard before count. You never hear a joke told more then once and laugh at it more then once? Watch a TV show episode more then once? Play a song more then once?
      Why do you spend the mental and physical energy whining and posting comments on 3 to 5 minutes of a video that you have complete viewing control of? The stories are new to most and with size of the internet online constant growing population the stories will always be new and new ones added to.
      Likes and dislikes are no valid measure of anything.

    • envelopingdarkness
      envelopingdarkness Il y a mois +2

      @MrBonners as a member of the audience I have every right to comment about a piece of media I consume. My original comment was only an observation and by the fact that it has a few likes other people clearly agree.
      Now you enter the picture as some kind of FRstop white knight and start making accusations at people. You are demonstrating classic Karen behaviour by sticking your nose in and disregarding the opinions of others.

    • MrBonners
      MrBonners Il y a mois

      @envelopingdarkness As said. Under what authority made you a YT content cop. How do you think that you can tell a channel owner how to run their channel and what their intent should be? Talk about 'entitled'.
      Don't like it, there are other channels with similar content and equally short 15 minute videos. All media has duplicates and reruns since forever. Take your whine about 3 minutes of repetition somewhere else. You have fast forward/speed control and text and can advance through familiar content. You expect the channel owner to track what you have seen? You ever watch a movie more then once?
      As said, talk about 'entitled'.

  • Sean Bannon
    Sean Bannon Il y a mois +37

    if they knew the real owner then they would address them by their real name

  • Michael Gunnels
    Michael Gunnels Il y a mois +39

    People if the person who you are talking to who says that they're the owner that isn't a Karen they're the owner of the place seriously

    • Michael Gunnels
      Michael Gunnels Il y a 23 jours

      @flashstudiosguy until everyone does prove them wrong

    • flashstudiosguy
      flashstudiosguy Il y a 23 jours

      @Michael Gunnels Problem is, Entitleds are set in their ways and sadly, they'll never admit that they are wrong

    • Michael Gunnels
      Michael Gunnels Il y a 24 jours

      @flashstudiosguy and they're not just doing the work that the employee's do they're the owner or they are the one's who come out in the problem they're either the manager or the owner if lucky

    • flashstudiosguy
      flashstudiosguy Il y a 24 jours

      If they look like an owner and talk like the owner, 9/10 times, they're the owner.

  • Bobby Steel
    Bobby Steel Il y a mois +1

    "Like fran from the nanny" ha wow what a reference. For you younger folks, more like lois from family guy, peters wife

  • DevylBear Hawkturion
    DevylBear Hawkturion Il y a mois +3

    Jared got BUSTED!! KARMA GOT HIM!!!!

  • ArkATD 7
    ArkATD 7 Il y a mois +26

    That 18 year old store owner is going place-ssssssssss lol
    I love that story. Best one of all of them. Way to keep her foot down!!!

  • mattirro draca
    mattirro draca Il y a mois

    1 hour club

  • Darice Norburn
    Darice Norburn Il y a mois


  • Alaysia Hogan
    Alaysia Hogan Il y a mois


    • Joaquin Gonzalez
      Joaquin Gonzalez Il y a mois

      *the people who think they are first come*
      no no, hes got a point