God of War 4 - ALL World Serpent GIANT SNAKE Cutscenes (God of War 2018) PS4 Pro

  • Ajoutée 19 avril 2018
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    GoW4 2018 All World Serpent cutscenes / scenes in Full Hd ps4 pro, with subtitles, no commentary
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Commentaires • 3 916

  • eightypuff01
    eightypuff01 Il y a 22 heures

    That serpent is Atreus son 😅

  • Mr.t Whitie
    Mr.t Whitie Il y a jour


  • Clay Jackson
    Clay Jackson Il y a 2 jours +1

    When he said he knows the pain of your loss he will help you World serpent said said that's right

  • skullking48
    skullking48 Il y a 2 jours

    In truth, never thought of it till now.
    When Jörmungandr bites the Giant, that was crazy but probably caused a giant earthquake. That massive beast HAULED it towards that giant and fucked it up.

  • Rodolfo Rodriguez Carmona
    Rodolfo Rodriguez Carmona Il y a 3 jours

    i get a bone when the snake start to do Gutural voice...

  • Praetor Iudex
    Praetor Iudex Il y a 3 jours

    6:03 Screw you... Well yeah.

  • kevin dotson99
    kevin dotson99 Il y a 4 jours

    I really hope we don't have to wait 10 years for another one

  • Mani Kanta
    Mani Kanta Il y a 6 jours +1

    Game bro super

  • Star Striker30
    Star Striker30 Il y a 8 jours

    I still don’t get that atreus is Loki since Loki is a frost giant and was adopted when he was an infant

  • Deutalios 818
    Deutalios 818 Il y a 9 jours

    Man, Jormungandr is so *AMAZING*

    And yes, that’s the world serpent’s actual name

  • metehan sadıç
    metehan sadıç Il y a 11 jours

    Kratos: no one tryed to eat me
    Cronos,Hydra and other monsters on gow games: am I joke to you?

  • Q-TiP 3214
    Q-TiP 3214 Il y a 11 jours

    Jormangandr: I need about tree fiddy

  • Nick Bagrationi
    Nick Bagrationi Il y a 15 jours

    8:12 Atreus's eyes glow white

  • Davis Whitaker
    Davis Whitaker Il y a 17 jours

    He had been slumbering for years, decades, centuries. It was rather nice, sleeping with his head underwater. Nice and cool, the currents gently, soothingly stimulating his scales, lulling him deeper into his slumber.
    Until his slumber had been suddenly disturbed by a small splash. The splash of a weapon, an axe.
    He had visitors.
    Taking the axe into his mouth, he emerged from the sea, opening his eyes to behold two figures in a small boat: a very large man and what he assumed was his son, if the scent was anything to go by.
    Jormungandr pulled his whole head from the water, revealing the full size if his head. Not wishing to be rude, he blew the axe towards the boat. He leaned towards the boat, where the man took on a defensive stance, axe in hand, his son pulled behind him. The man looked grim, but fearless, ready to battle this larger-than-life serpent. The boy on the other hand was grinning ear to ear, not feeling threatened in the slightest, rather excited by this encounter.
    "You have nothing to fear. I sense you have a mission of great importance, a destiny that will affect the world as we know it,"
    Jormungandr spoke, his deep, mighty voice shaking the waves and boat.
    "It speaks!?" The man stated surprised.
    "Yeah, mom said he's friendly!" The boy replied.
    "What is it saying?" Asked the man.
    "I don't know!"
    Oh. They couldn't speak in his tongue... Damn. Jormungandr wished he could speak in common, but the shape of his mouth made it impossible. At least he could understand most of it.

    "I will assist as best I can. May we meet again." He said, laying his head atop the craggy mountains, dozing in the suns rays.

  • Jormungandr Lokison
    Jormungandr Lokison Il y a 18 jours

    Ghidorah and Godzilla fighting over who is biggest and baddest on the monster list. Jormungandr be like look father and grandfather my dinner if fighting.

  • Tazrean Rifty
    Tazrean Rifty Il y a 23 jours +2

    Kratos meets his grandson , lol.

  • John Wick
    John Wick Il y a 23 jours

    Who attack the world Serpent?

  • Divyajyoti Sarangi
    Divyajyoti Sarangi Il y a 24 jours

    6:03 did Jormungandr say "screw you"?
    Or am I insane?

  • To the Horror
    To the Horror Il y a 24 jours

    Ooooooo~~~aàaaahhh~~~ booooo~~~ Iiiiiiirriisshhhhh~~~

  • Sietse Van Overstraeten
    Sietse Van Overstraeten Il y a 25 jours

    Is that Jormongundr?

  • HK - 06SL - Maple Wood PS (1554)

    Why the hell does this calm me down?!?!
    But also...
    Me: *burps normally*
    What the class hears: 1:59

  • Caliside
    Caliside Il y a 26 jours

    Kind of weird when you think that everytime Atreus touches his father he's technically touching the remains of his half sister

  • Irfan Zailani
    Irfan Zailani Il y a 26 jours

    Kratos: What does it say?
    Atreus: I don't kow.

    Wold Serpent: 1:54 MAAAAMMA MIAAA

  • Twero
    Twero Il y a 27 jours

    At the first trailer, I thought he would be a menace.
    In the end, it become the game best pet.
    Have you seen him taking a nap in the lake????

    • Argoniek
      Argoniek Il y a 15 jours

      Even in the first trailer Atreus said he wants to help them

  • Art blue Channel
    Art blue Channel Il y a 28 jours

    Go here to see more

  • Harper Evelyn
    Harper Evelyn Il y a 28 jours

    amazing Games

  • Julio Valdez
    Julio Valdez Il y a 28 jours

    At the minute 8:12 atreus eyes were shinning while he was calling jormungandr

  • John McCoy
    John McCoy Il y a mois

    I VE never known for anything to be nice about a snake. I know it cost million for these graphics other wise they would have been dinner.

  • John McCoy
    John McCoy Il y a mois

    No thank you Mr. Bloomberg you stay in NY.

  • Kurawa Offic
    Kurawa Offic Il y a mois

    SCP 169

  • Isabelle Rodrigues
    Isabelle Rodrigues Il y a mois

    R.I.P XBOX

  • spondon kashyap
    spondon kashyap Il y a mois

    Can someone explain to me the origin of this world serpent

    • Argoniek
      Argoniek Il y a 15 jours

      Born in a womb of Angrboða, propably

    • Dalshok
      Dalshok Il y a 25 jours

      I'm not entirely sure about in-game, but I do know a small bit if the mythos. Jormungandr (pronounced: your-mun-gand) is a child of Loki, and the giantess Angrboda. In case you were wondering, Hel and Fenrir, are the other two children. Also, just as it is in the game, Jormungandr and Thor can't stand each other, and are fated to kill each other at Ragnarok.

  • DH_Artist
    DH_Artist Il y a mois +1

    Y’all keep trying to decipher what the serpent is saying, it CLEARLY isn’t speaking English....

  • Porco Pinguino
    Porco Pinguino Il y a mois

    Poor jormungandr

  • Alexis Bloodrage
    Alexis Bloodrage Il y a mois

    Alright serious question. Did Atreus eyes glow when he called for the World Serpent? Might have been me but I swear... Nope they did. Think its a hint of his Godling ability's showing or just a glitch?

    • The Womping Wampa
      The Womping Wampa Il y a mois

      God Ability. Kid does have a major role to play in Norse Mythology anyways.

  • Pirce Kumar
    Pirce Kumar Il y a mois +1

    Pryare lal

  • Aida Cailar
    Aida Cailar Il y a mois

    I love Jormungand's beard

  • rohit vishwakarma
    rohit vishwakarma Il y a mois

    Ye movie name hindi me hi ki nhi

  • baldo basiks
    baldo basiks Il y a mois

    Its so awkward when your showing ur throwing skills infront of a big audience then you said "the axe didnt return" with an embarrassed face....at 0:29

  • Olaf Benjamin
    Olaf Benjamin Il y a mois +149

    "He knows the pain of your loss"
    So no one's gonna talk about this?

    • Andrew Neal
      Andrew Neal Il y a 4 jours +3

      Marshall Hadwin A gAmE ThEoRy

    • Marshall Hadwin
      Marshall Hadwin Il y a 7 jours +1

      Well, maybe he was once a Ancient species, but he is now the last of his kind, but that's a theory

    • Layah Hicks
      Layah Hicks Il y a 14 jours

      @Dalshok oh wow I didn't even think about that

    • Dalshok
      Dalshok Il y a 20 jours +24

      He witnessed massacre of the giants, leaving him the last in Midgard. He also knew Lauffey (Atreus' mother) personally.

    • omgshe wuzhere
      omgshe wuzhere Il y a 21 jour +8

      @Layah Hicks I hope it's not Kratos :(

  • Mucosa
    Mucosa Il y a mois

    While he speaks he sounds like he burping XD

  • Aaron Dominguez
    Aaron Dominguez Il y a mois

    Why does every time jörmungandr speak, it looks like it's smiling?

  • Lisa Ferguson
    Lisa Ferguson Il y a mois

    I just love the world serpent but if i saw a sneak that big in real life i would crap myself.

  • Pol Baylon
    Pol Baylon Il y a mois +1

    That was from thor ragnarok

  • Janus Ceasar
    Janus Ceasar Il y a mois +67

    everytime the world serpent listen to Mirmir, he's look like he is judging every word Mirmir speaks. Like his grammar is wrong somewhere but he understand what Mirmir is trying to say.

    • Christian Villamil
      Christian Villamil Il y a 2 heures

      Mimir said: "I´ve never spoken the ancient tongue sober" Apparently his speech is better when he is drunk.

  • Ashen One
    Ashen One Il y a mois +2

    I heard him talking one time and i cant hear anymore

  • pubg moment
    pubg moment Il y a mois

    Wtf this huge snake

  • Mr_No_One
    Mr_No_One Il y a mois +3

    Is this gonna be a boss fight?
    Nope, he's actually a pretty friendly guy.

  • Laurence Tarun
    Laurence Tarun Il y a mois

    it terrifies me whenever the world serpent speaks

  • Adam Dame
    Adam Dame Il y a mois +1

    8:21 when your squad shows up to save you

  • ItsStillPasta
    ItsStillPasta Il y a mois +1

    I always loved when Jörmungandr spoke.

  • Rupkona Saha
    Rupkona Saha Il y a mois +1


  • Mr Super-Kami Popo
    Mr Super-Kami Popo Il y a mois

    The sequel better include Fenrir

  • Marcelo Rodrigues Reis
    Marcelo Rodrigues Reis Il y a 2 mois

    Que monstro esse sim é um god of war de respeito

  • OG Flow
    OG Flow Il y a 2 mois

    Who goes into a giant snakes mouth willingly 😂😂

  • OG Flow
    OG Flow Il y a 2 mois +1

    Am somehow happy for kratos dat he didn't fight dat thing cuz....I don't think he can win😅😅😂

    • Jack The Bird
      Jack The Bird Il y a mois

      The destiny of the Jörmungandr is to die by the hands of Thor, and that destiny cannot be changed. So yeah, Kratos would have been annihilated.

  • Ether Nas
    Ether Nas Il y a 2 mois


  • Alex aXy
    Alex aXy Il y a 2 mois +74

    1:36 Is he saying: " I know you, ghost of sparta" ?

    • Tom Augustin
      Tom Augustin Il y a 4 jours


    • Doodle Brush
      Doodle Brush Il y a 19 jours +1

      After listening to this again, I heard: "I know you, Ghost of Sparta. I will help."
      Kind of curious, because the trailers had slightly different dialog fo Atreus. When the World Serpent speaks for the first time, Atreus says: "He wants to help us!"

    • A'mer Moh'd
      A'mer Moh'd Il y a 21 jour

      You're right

    • Ders snek in me boots
      Ders snek in me boots Il y a 24 jours

      @Luca TheGamingWyvern lool

    • Divyansh TM
      Divyansh TM Il y a mois +2

      Alex aXy yes i searched it.He does

  • Cuban Cucumber
    Cuban Cucumber Il y a 2 mois +2


  • Lorienzo De Garcia
    Lorienzo De Garcia Il y a 2 mois

    You know what's crazy? I just realized something crazy. Jormungandr SMILED when Mimir was preparing his throat and coughing at about 3:36. HOLY SHIT. EDIT: He also smiled the moment he saw Mimir and company the 2nd time they blew the horn. He smiles as he does this subtle hissing sound.