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Commentaires • 80

  • Gacha lover
    Gacha lover Il y a 3 heures

    Imagine the with the lady oil thing was just using olive oil

  • Crazy Peanut
    Crazy Peanut Il y a 4 heures

    I have the same kind of answer for people who tries to convince me to take "some all natural supplements that help for this and that" and even some kind of drugs.
    "It can't be bad, it's all natural and found in plants"
    "Yeah, so is cyanide. Do you want some? It can help stupidity"

  • Noodle God
    Noodle God Il y a 22 heures

    I hate that these are relatableeeeeeeee AAAAAAAAAHHH

  • Dabi A.K.A Toya Todoroki
    Dabi A.K.A Toya Todoroki Il y a 3 jours

    Welcome back to "how to lose your faith in humanity" :) enjoy

  • Ian Ice
    Ian Ice Il y a 4 jours

    This guy's voice is an ASMR on its own

  • Dirty Dairy Daddy
    Dirty Dairy Daddy Il y a 5 jours

    my father loaded up a shotgun in front of me, and pointed it at me
    he can't figure ou why i still have nightmares
    he also beat me up more than once

  • Large Cheese
    Large Cheese Il y a 5 jours

    I have social anxiety and my dad says get over it XD That's not something you can 'just get over' ;/

  • Golden Suns
    Golden Suns Il y a 5 jours +1

    Hehe...my parents divorced when I was like 5...hehe shit ;v;

    • Golden Suns
      Golden Suns Il y a 3 jours

      Venøm well they aren’t alcoholics or anti Vaxxers so eh
      I just moved to place to place when I was a kid :P

    • Venøm
      Venøm Il y a 3 jours


  • Zavh Yatta
    Zavh Yatta Il y a 5 jours

    I really feel like my name is super common lol

  • Zavh Yatta
    Zavh Yatta Il y a 5 jours

    This series makes me realize how lucky I am.

  • Pokémon Fan_2009
    Pokémon Fan_2009 Il y a 6 jours

    The internet:…
    The click:UWU
    The internet:😐

  • ratt_ler
    ratt_ler Il y a 8 jours +1

    I broke my leg around two months ago, and was ordered by the orthopedist to rest it until it was time for the cast to come off. My mother still forced me to walk around on my broken leg and do chores, calling me lazy for resting at any point, yet brought me to tears by yelling at me in the middle of a hospital because my leg wasn't completely healed.
    I was 15 at the time

    • Venøm
      Venøm Il y a 3 jours

      Post it on reddit

  • Kingsley Chizzard
    Kingsley Chizzard Il y a 9 jours

    14:12 where do I find the original picture? 🤣🤣🤣

  • TJ Knight
    TJ Knight Il y a 9 jours

    Dad's worried about looters and shit cause of *the virus that shan't be named* and is prepped to evacuate to literally just a state over where the same problems will exist and wants me to join him and the implication was to _leave my fiancee_ behind because his fiancee doesn't like her cause she freaked when thier son didn't listen to us and did shit we told him would give her a panic attack and then it did

  • Notreho
    Notreho Il y a 10 jours

    My dad:yells at me for getting mad that by brother took my school is card and portable radio( I like to listen to mess some times)
    My mind: WTF he was out side
    My dad to my brother: oh it's ok if you didn't do it then you know that
    My brother when my dad walks in the room 2 minutes ago: *throws card and radio breaking the radio* I didn't do any thing
    Dad: I know

  • Jelle Joustra?
    Jelle Joustra? Il y a 10 jours

    “Poison ivy is natural too”
    Yes, this is why we make soup out of it.

  • Ender CorePL
    Ender CorePL Il y a 10 jours

    Can we finally establish, that ordering your child to go to the priest or pray instead of bringing them to a psychologist when facing a problem is equivalent to using essential oils instead of vaccines?

  • Alpha B
    Alpha B Il y a 10 jours

    Insane mom: I GAVE BIRTH TO YOU
    Me: I am adopted

  • Danielle Stryker
    Danielle Stryker Il y a 11 jours

    I wouldn't get the flu shot when I was pregnant. It's the fucking flu, not small pox. And if you want to encourage the benefits of vaccines, and their minimal risk, and the risk/benefit analysis that prove the safeness of vaccines over the risk of disease, the flu shot isn't the way to do it.

  • Estelle van Eeden
    Estelle van Eeden Il y a 12 jours


  • T.Kai
    T.Kai Il y a 12 jours

    Church has only ever been a community to me. Never been religious...I hated going to my old church because it was toxic there and my mother would force me to do things. I don't go to our new church (just moved) because im scared of getting involved anymore... I'm also Pagan but that doesn't stop me wanting to be in the community. My mother does. She does not like me being pagan, calls me a witch and hates everything I do. She's always been emotionally abusive but im used to it now lol

  • Aidan Leasburg
    Aidan Leasburg Il y a 14 jours

    Wait? What happened when yall missed the bus??? I got a whole ass six mile walk if i miss the bus...thats not normal?

  • Jynxedlove
    Jynxedlove Il y a 14 jours

    Nah fam, bitch was cray. Glad I don't share blood with the "Orphanage Landlord". My dad wasn't great but man, his anger management issues and occasional violence pales in comparison to my adoptive mom.

  • Jason Houle
    Jason Houle Il y a 15 jours


  • Steam Sheep
    Steam Sheep Il y a 15 jours

    Yeah, my mom 🙃

  • emcee munchapussy
    emcee munchapussy Il y a 16 jours

    Me: absolutely failing school
    My mom: *I sleep*

  • LyX1n
    LyX1n Il y a 17 jours +1

    Bruh... I'm 19 and my parents still wake me up to go to work 13:50

  • FlowerChild
    FlowerChild Il y a 20 jours

    Some parents are just childish

  • IttyBittyBoi
    IttyBittyBoi Il y a 20 jours

    Now I know why God decided to send the COVID-19 to us...

  • Max Ringdahl
    Max Ringdahl Il y a 20 jours

    These are the people who raise psychopaths

  • viperblitz11
    viperblitz11 Il y a 20 jours

    These moms do more "research" on vaccines than they do on the alternative medicine treatment itself.

  • mrsnakegaming
    mrsnakegaming Il y a 20 jours

    Ok look. So I’m am a Christian. And being one I can say that PRAYING👏 TO👏 GOD👏 DOES👏 NOT👏 ALWAYS👏 GIVE👏 YOU👏 THE👏 ANSWER👏 YOU👏 NEED👏. There are times when God doesn’t answer your prayers in the way you want! And if you abuse your child to the point of depression, are you really for God like you say you are?

  • Nyx_the_Neko159
    Nyx_the_Neko159 Il y a 21 jour


  • Sky LS
    Sky LS Il y a 21 jour

    0:28 Shhhhh... if we don't tell them that that's what vaccines are, then maybe they *will* fully circle around with being anti-vax, and they'll actually figure out what vaccines contain and are made of, and *will* start vaccinating their kids-

  • Grimmy
    Grimmy Il y a 21 jour

    8:13 they changed the name of the vid to "LETTER FROM THE PRINCIPAL"

  • sillybunny2
    sillybunny2 Il y a 21 jour

    Me at 15: Still getting woken up by my mom....

  • Honey plop
    Honey plop Il y a 23 jours

    i use essential oils cause they smell nice but i just stopped cause i got zits
    so what I'm saying here is anyone who uses essential oils LIBERALLY for "healing" they are literally gonna have to wash that stuff off, like it's just oils..that smell nice...
    but my fave is lavender cause i have trouble with sleep.
    if you are an actual herbalist you may be able to know what the oils actually do. im not but i study them all the thyme lol

  • Maevainwen
    Maevainwen Il y a 23 jours

    Me *having bad body dysmorphia day*
    The Click: You look wonderful
    Me: (´,,•ω•,,)

  • Sebastian Gaming
    Sebastian Gaming Il y a 23 jours +1

    help srssly my visiom is bluerred when I lookk at the phonew

  • Nyctea -
    Nyctea - Il y a 26 jours

    Another thing that is natural!


  • MasterAKH
    MasterAKH Il y a 28 jours

    That's Eleven For Yah

  • Vintage Artist
    Vintage Artist Il y a 29 jours

    My mother tried to get me to believe in Christianity she is still trying,
    The weird thing is she doesn’t seem very religious no cross necklace no crosses on mantle no signs of religion and doesn’t speak about it only time she does is to convert me from atheist to Christian.

  • ThisIsARobbery
    ThisIsARobbery Il y a mois


  • Adam Macina
    Adam Macina Il y a mois

    After seeing this series I am so glad my mother is just a regular bitch and not fucking insane!

  • Jessica Ashland
    Jessica Ashland Il y a mois

    1) He's a teenager, he supposed act like that.
    2) Also, YOU FEED HIM OIL?! BITCH, THE FUCK!!!!!!!!????????

  • Mini Comix
    Mini Comix Il y a mois

    I was homeless for a year in a 1/2, and then when my divorced mom finally found us a home, we had to live with an abusive woman who treated us like slaves. She wouldn't let us shower or let us eat past 5 pm, but my siblings and I usually got home at 7 pm. And one time there was a fire near Vista, and the woman told my younger brother, "if you won't do anything then I'll just leave you to die in the fire because you're useless and your dad never loved you. " She even had an untrained French bull dog the size of a chair, that would tackle you full speed and proceed to hump you. We then moved out and found a new place to stay that following summer while my grandma took care of us. Our new "home" Wasn't a good one at all. Our mom found us a "home" At her abusive boyfriend's house, where he was in a motorcycle gang for which I can't name due to my familie's safety. And had buddies planning to rape me and my sister, and kill my two brothers including my younger one. My mom would constantly get high and drunk with her boyfriend and wouldn't pay attention to us. One time she got into an argument with me, and almost hit me. I was used to being hit and bullied, but this was my mom. She only punished us by putting her hands on us some times, but this time it was WAY different. She almost full on slapped me across the face, but backhanded me. I quickly turned away and ran to my "room" (We didn't have a door for privacy, because of the men who wanted to rape us). Sometimes me and my siblings would go outside while my older brother would go out and find a job, to get away from our mom and her boyfriend. One time we came home early from school because we were running away from bullies that called me and my siblings faggots, (I'm lesbian) and our mom got mad at us because we "ruined her conversation with her boyfriend about going to Vegas for a MONTH. " We were really scared because our older brother would be gone most of the time, but he agreed to stay because he was also scared of losing his younger siblings to the gang. So we were safe. We then moved in with my dad and his military friend at the time. She was also the mother of our childhood friends, since we were born. We still keep in contact and it was a good home. I finally learned how to ride a bike there, and we were well fed. I even found myself a girlfriend for a while, but shortly ended things because she had some stuff going on with her life too. We then moved AGAIN after a good year living with our friends. Now we own our own place, (apartment for retired military soldiers like my dad) and everything is going fine. My older brother found a job at Goodwill, and I found a best friend named Li, and he has stuck by my side for two years. I'm turning 14 in March, and I'm in 8th grade. Sometimes we struggle financially, but also figure it out. We're trying to find a cheap way to celebrate our birthday next month, but I think we'll be ok. 💖 (Also, my mom is getting a lot better, and I love her dearly) Thank you for reading this.

  • Mini Comix
    Mini Comix Il y a mois

    Holy shit I'm not alone...

    Edit: 13:15 My mom shaved my head bald once. ~

  • Carar The Wendigo
    Carar The Wendigo Il y a mois

    My parents would probably pull the 'why aren't you like your siblings' card but my siblings are dead

  • Q C
    Q C Il y a mois

    My mother abused me since I was a kid and when I was 14 that bitch finally died and now I have to deal with my abusive brothers 👌

  • mollymawks
    mollymawks Il y a mois

    I used to watch the people in the thumbnail I checked out the video after I recognized them here they are actually really good parents and when they went over the report card everything was great Oliver Is a really smart kid! I don’t agree with the clickbait though.

  • Dr.Komet's fluff house

    My mom:if you don't like the things I do,then you are insane!
    The things she likes:
    . smearing ketchup on Play-Doh and proceeding to eat it.
    . Listening to‘Thriller’on half the tempo and double the pitch.
    . Buying gourmet chicken nuggets.

  • Lion Lance
    Lion Lance Il y a mois

    The craziest my parents get is slight amounts of “well I’m older and I’m the parent so I’m right” in the way of not really wanting to listen to me, but it’s not bad. My parents are not insane at least. I’m vaccinated.

  • Ideski Arts And Gacha ÙwÚ

    Am I the only one that actually has good parents? I told my mom that I read Lemons (writing porn) and she was totally fine with it... even considering my age

  • Tuna can Animations
    Tuna can Animations Il y a mois

    UwU anti vax OwO UwU

  • Luigi The Dragon
    Luigi The Dragon Il y a mois

    My dog wasn't vaccinated(I didn't vaccinate her because I can't afford it) and she is still fine somehow

  • Simciak
    Simciak Il y a mois

    Someone in my country *has depression and other discorders*

  • 破桃木衣架
    破桃木衣架 Il y a mois

    the click may be cursed and says "uWu", hed be a great parent

  • Ivy The Fish
    Ivy The Fish Il y a mois

    reacting to my own report card
    wow my grades are mainly great but i hate the english and spanish grades. the latter is a c but english is at f! pathetic

  • Yoichi and Lucy
    Yoichi and Lucy Il y a mois

    I'm honestly glad for my parents, they aren't manipultive assholes that make me straight and antivax.

  • Emma Goodman
    Emma Goodman Il y a mois

    That family who made a video about their son's report card-- they have 6.45 million subscribers.


  • Egill is gaming
    Egill is gaming Il y a mois

    Now that I think about it, millenials and zoomers (kids in Gen Z) could become a better parent than their parents BECAUSE of the internet. Especially due to r/InsaneParents and the like.

    Most parents (who are compatible with the insane parents subreddit of course) complain about their child being too much on the internet. Well, guess what Karen, your child might become a better parent than you could ever be.

    The internet, although a scary place, can also be a safe haven. They can upload content for their followers and also either feel extreme anxiety, or be completely calm. There is almost no in between (for me at least).

  • Cait Dean
    Cait Dean Il y a mois

    You have a really nice voice.

  • superjake356
    superjake356 Il y a mois

    13:35 4.6 miles is about a hour and a half walk, but if he ran, it would be about 50 minutes. Keep in mind, he is 12, so chances are it would take longer then someone in high school. That is borderline abuse!

  • Julian VS Games
    Julian VS Games Il y a mois

    A shitty/ quic thingy about vaccines
    The vaccine has either a half dead virus or a alive one that is strongly weakened so the kids immune system learns from it and keeps the info for when the kid encounters the same virus and catching it (now alive and strong not weakened) the immune system kills it fpfrom the info
    If you don’t give them a vaccine they might run into a virus and there immune system fails to kill it because it doesn’t know what to do and oils don’t help possibly making it worse
    And I understand some kids are allergic to vaccines so they need like a wall of people that have the vaccines so they don’t get infected if you purposely won’t vaccinate your child and many others may get hurt/sick or in an extreme case die...

  • MrSethGaming :D
    MrSethGaming :D Il y a mois

    When I go outside while defending in a terrorist hunt in Rainbow Six Siege: YOU WILL DIE IN 5 SECOND. I just realized the s missing from the end of seconds so ha you have to deal with that ocd

  • Sarah Cerar
    Sarah Cerar Il y a mois

    ᴡʜʏ ᴀɪɴ'ᴛ ᴛʜɪs ᴏɴ ʀ/ᴄᴜʀsᴇᴅᴘɪᴄᴛᴜʀᴇs ɪғ ᴛʜᴀᴛ's ᴀ ᴛʜɪɴɢ

  • VoidedSoul *
    VoidedSoul * Il y a mois +1

    Jokes on them cyanide is national

  • TerracatHero
    TerracatHero Il y a mois

    1:18 ma'am your kids gonna die, don't let that happen

  • Ta13 B00
    Ta13 B00 Il y a mois

    honestly i’m so happy that i have my mother as my mother
    when i had trouble going to school because i couldn’t get out of bed
    she helped me... she tried getting me back in school talked with me a lot talked with my teachers eventually got many therapists and then i went to psychiatry..
    i only now realized how much she means to me and how much she did for me over the year.. omg i love her sm

  • Ta13 B00
    Ta13 B00 Il y a mois +1

    click: u look gorgeous
    me: *sitting on my bed with ice cream and freshly washed hair being literally mf ugly af*

    thx bro

  • Panda Melon
    Panda Melon Il y a mois

    To all the people who actually suffer from parents like these like that kid whos mom reacted to his report card. I am truly sorry for you. Parents shouldn’t have control over your health.

  • lion chan
    lion chan Il y a mois +2

    Remember people used to eat gems to cure the bubonic plague
    Gems are organic and natural
    Does this mean gems are good for me

  • Michael Does It All
    Michael Does It All Il y a mois +1

    8:01 The real title is "LETTER FROM THE PRINCLEBLE!"

  • Noob Wizard
    Noob Wizard Il y a mois

    Not suggesting anything but Marijuana is also organic

  • IAmBunny
    IAmBunny Il y a mois +1

    Corporate needs you to find the difference between this picture and this picture.

    -Slave to take your anger out on and scream at and hate and abuse and drive to almost suicide
    Insane parents: They’re the same picture.

  • Comrade Vilson
    Comrade Vilson Il y a mois

    Sell them olive oil and tell them it cures cancer then you $500 for free

  • Universe of Alex
    Universe of Alex Il y a mois

    My only insane parent thing is like when my dad tries to like guilt trip me and my sister into doing something and then saying “no pressure”

  • Random Human
    Random Human Il y a mois

    3:01 that’s creepy af but ok
    3:27 No you are definitely not, what the hell lady, you are a terrible mother

  • Random Human
    Random Human Il y a mois +1

    “Well you look beautiful”
    Me sitting in my bed at 1 pm instead of contributing anything to society:

  • _-Dionysus-_
    _-Dionysus-_ Il y a mois +1

    Nothing can surprise me anymore, and I don’t know what to expect.
    Reply with something cursed, I’ll answer to it honestly