GTA 5 Online Casino Heist : HONDA CIVIC TYPE-R!! (Dinka Sugoi Customization)

  • GTA Online Casino Heist Cars are here with the GTA Online Honda Civic Type R / Dinka Sugoi! We try out some GTA Customzation and build the Ugliest Civic EVER! Subcsribe for more GTA Online Casino Gameplay, Cars, Custmization and more!
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Commentaires • 80

  • AR12Gaming
    AR12Gaming  Il y a mois +142

    Just another day in GTA...

    • TerrariaPro 45
      TerrariaPro 45 Il y a mois

      You mean just another day in asphalt nien

    • TheHuayra
      TheHuayra Il y a mois

      Why did you have to leave the race, I was in third with the “dog with cone” shirt😭

    • Tofuboi 86
      Tofuboi 86 Il y a mois

      @AR12Gaming 4:32 You don’t watch Shinyodd? You would be surprised what has he made in Automation. Speaking of that... don’t you wanna try Automation?

    • Skrobs
      Skrobs Il y a mois

      Like my comment

    • Ockert Potgietet
      Ockert Potgietet Il y a mois

      Nick : I can't wait to see this v-tec to kick in
      Also Nick : Umm ... Boys we have a problem. It's a v8

  • ClarkClarkish
    ClarkClarkish Il y a 5 jours

    Brain damage

  • Truen powell
    Truen powell Il y a 9 jours

    I drive a real type r and haven't lost a race yet I and 23 and 0

  • Eren
    Eren Il y a 14 jours

    Why u rice

  • Josh Yosh
    Josh Yosh Il y a 18 jours

    I love how he clickbaits us with "GTA Online Casino Heist"

  • Caleb Haines
    Caleb Haines Il y a mois

    Honda Civics in real life are some of the best cars to buy

  • Will Stebbing
    Will Stebbing Il y a mois

    First person I’ve watched that’s called it the hoonitruck 🥺so beautiful🥺

  • Abhay Ramjee
    Abhay Ramjee Il y a mois

    NICK that's a GTC4 Lusso, NOT an FF.

  • galaxymikey 77
    galaxymikey 77 Il y a mois

    it can do revers weelies in forza horizen 4

  • TheTangyMango
    TheTangyMango Il y a mois +1

    put princess robot bubblegum on the civic NOW

  • H4F1Z NFS
    H4F1Z NFS Il y a mois

    Try to get mystery

  • Bombed Greats 95
    Bombed Greats 95 Il y a mois

    Nick says the car sucks but the truth is he cant drive

  • SlickBall 117
    SlickBall 117 Il y a mois

    Do infected

  • Eat Your Cereal
    Eat Your Cereal Il y a mois

    Eat your cereal

  • lexander 005
    lexander 005 Il y a mois

    Just drive like Shingo in initial d and...

    Crash into a guardrail?

  • Emmanuel Gonzalez-Soto

    10 out of 10 for intro weirdness. Complete f when it comes to Japanese pronunciation. And 10/10 for managing to drift tap a motorcyclist

  • Vojta Skypala
    Vojta Skypala Il y a mois

    Nick playing gta on Xbox?

  • Adelina Goris ajedrez
    Adelina Goris ajedrez Il y a mois

    For some reason thats the most easy sports car to find

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee Il y a mois +1

    My dad has a blue 2019 Civic Type R :/

  • Aus
    Aus Il y a mois

    You got like 3 weeks until the f1 cars wot you people on about xD

  • ill give u 3 dollars for 3 pennies

    How much is it and I want it

  • Chillytrain _504
    Chillytrain _504 Il y a mois

    Not type r pendejo

  • Q Shark
    Q Shark Il y a mois

    I’m ready for the old civic.

  • OliaSmail
    OliaSmail Il y a mois

    Theo/blackpanthaa would be upset at your lack of taste

  • Declan Mellor
    Declan Mellor Il y a mois

    Ik how to win podium car

  • TSJ
    TSJ Il y a mois +3

    0:23 So We All Just Gonna Pretend His Tires Aren’t Destroyed

  • 1's
    1's Il y a mois

    Soooo why is it 1.2 million?

  • SkorAtom
    SkorAtom Il y a mois

    Now my most favorite car in the game

  • SkorAtom
    SkorAtom Il y a mois

    This man has no idea how good this car drifts in-game. It's easily the best drift car in the game now

  • Operation Katana
    Operation Katana Il y a mois

    Why does he look like lispyjimmy.

    BIG OUTCHEA Il y a mois

    # Full on rice mode!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tyler Witts
    Tyler Witts Il y a mois

    It would of done so much better in compacts

  • Breezi TV
    Breezi TV Il y a mois

    FYI Nick, the hoonitruck has a handling model you gotta learn. But sure say it’s not that good at drifting. It’s handbrake, counter steer (so the handbrake doesn’t make you lose speed) then wiggle the stick.

  • Cameron Watson
    Cameron Watson Il y a mois +1

    I mean you're trying to win against ferraris in a Honda 😂

  • jaxx staxxi
    jaxx staxxi Il y a mois

    Blimps been in gta online forever

  • Alexander Desconocido
    Alexander Desconocido Il y a mois

    He said it cost $20 in real life bruh, your life cost $20 tf.

    • Boris's mom
      Boris's mom Il y a mois

      Its twenty bucks when taken the price of shark cards. Meaning that the ingame price is the equivalent of 20 bucks irl

  • Cesar Norberg
    Cesar Norberg Il y a mois

    I dont think he meant race mode i think he meant rice mode

  • 東東
    東東 Il y a mois

    It's just a normal civic
    Not type r
    Wait for the r version.

    • 東東
      東東 Il y a mois

      @CorndogCrusader It's basically a normal 10th civic, it has no spoiler when purchased, just like normal civic.

    • CorndogCrusader
      CorndogCrusader Il y a mois

      It's basically the Type R, it has the Type R spoiler as an option, and canards.

  • nerf or nothing r
    nerf or nothing r Il y a mois

    I would be better if it had rear wheel drive

  • Bomzhara
    Bomzhara Il y a mois

    you didnt lower it and you didnt upgrade the engine

  • Awesome Cars Guy
    Awesome Cars Guy Il y a mois

    5:09-5:22 Nick's car blew up

  • Jett Fielding
    Jett Fielding Il y a mois +1

    NICK JUST SO YOU KNOW, American president Donald trump will be attending the Daytona 500 for 1 lap in his presidential Xts Cadillac limo! (FORZA MOTORSPORT 7 LIMO RACES INTENSIFIES).

  • Steven Bills bob billy gates person man

    “It has V-Tec it’s supposed to be quick”
    You sound like every Honda guy ever.
    Honda guy: How come ur coyote mustang beat my civic type R, It has VTEC THO.
    Me: Yea ur vtec kicked in 5 miles behind me

    • IVorza
      IVorza Il y a mois

      I'm a Honda guy and I don't remember ever saying that...

  • Awesome Cars Guy
    Awesome Cars Guy Il y a mois +1

    1:42-1:45 "Dinka Soygoi"

  • robert kurtz
    robert kurtz Il y a mois

    were is the police update we have been waiting for

  • Sean The DogFeeder
    Sean The DogFeeder Il y a mois

    In real life if you tune it a lot it can go pretty fast

    • Sean The DogFeeder
      Sean The DogFeeder Il y a mois

      IVorza u right

    • IVorza
      IVorza Il y a mois

      The car is already fast enough stock you don't need to tune it, lol...

  • Sehrish Omer
    Sehrish Omer Il y a mois


  • The Z06 Addict
    The Z06 Addict Il y a mois

    GTA: Yo I heard you want to make your Sugoi a race car so I gave you cannards for your cannards so you can put cannards on your other cannards while you cannard

  • Ostler_Sparkz
    Ostler_Sparkz Il y a mois +1

    U should do a skin/burnout video on forza 4

  • rf10 sports
    rf10 sports Il y a mois

    Check on lego

  • Joshua Whiting
    Joshua Whiting Il y a mois

    just wait for the older civic

  • Hank F.
    Hank F. Il y a mois +1

    I love gta's chaos things

    MOMENT BRUH Il y a mois

    Honestly can you show us ur house vlog

    ANCARS Il y a mois


    SSANGBA Il y a mois


    JELLYF1SHIE Il y a mois +1

    gta 5 need to put in a drivetrain swap so you can make an allwheeldrive car a rearwheeldrive car

  • necs1979
    necs1979 Il y a mois

    Hey Nick can you do a let's play on assoluto racing please?

  • Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen Il y a mois +1

    Dinka Sugoi
    Nicks brain: Dinka Sougi

  • Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen Il y a mois +1

    I won my second car on wheelspin lol and it's grotti furia

  • v a l
    v a l Il y a mois

    s u g o i

  • Robert hentschelmann
    Robert hentschelmann Il y a mois

    You made every civic owner jizz themselves! And yes, this is what Honda drivers think is cool.

    • IVorza
      IVorza Il y a mois

      What exactly "Honda drivers think is cool" are you referring to?

  • Kaan Cetinturk
    Kaan Cetinturk Il y a mois

    Aka dinkiy stinky

  • abyudh mukkavilli
    abyudh mukkavilli Il y a mois

    Hey Nick, I'm gonna send you a gift car in Forza in a few days. I hope you like it!! My username is BudgetThunder61

  • BroBuster
    BroBuster Il y a mois

    Next week we are not getting an F1 car. We are getting the Kanjo, which is an old style Civic.

  • Markus The Gamer
    Markus The Gamer Il y a mois

    bruh nick just burnt all the type R fans to the ground

    • Markus The Gamer
      Markus The Gamer Il y a mois

      @IVorza go to the part wherw he races the type R

    • IVorza
      IVorza Il y a mois

      @Markus The Gamer I did watch till the end and didn't felt burnt at all...

    • Markus The Gamer
      Markus The Gamer Il y a mois

      @IVorza watch till the enddddde

    • IVorza
      IVorza Il y a mois

      He did? Where?

  • Kevin Wessels
    Kevin Wessels Il y a mois

    I won that podium vehicle yesterday

  • SKM4 30
    SKM4 30 Il y a mois +5

    Just imagine if Rockstar were to implement actual licensed vehicles into a GTA game in the future that would be so amazing and they have done it before with Midnight Club L.A.

  • MattCatt
    MattCatt Il y a mois +1

    U should do another gta hide and seek because people like them (or keep doing u)

    GTR4 DAYS Il y a mois

    Nobody :

  • Joshua
    Joshua Il y a mois

    Its easier to drift fwd cars in this game

  • Cherrlyn mae Zacarias
    Cherrlyn mae Zacarias Il y a mois +3

    Nick: "you've got spoilers on spoilers on whatever that-- alright are we for real? Do you we really need that rear wing?"

  • Nathan Owens
    Nathan Owens Il y a mois +3

    they're gonna need to buff this car for what it's worth, it's sad to see a cool car be so slow

  • Radabexa 2nd Channel
    Radabexa 2nd Channel Il y a mois

    Honda:let's make a car
    Also Honda:mmmm that yummy v tec

  • Radabexa 2nd Channel
    Radabexa 2nd Channel Il y a mois

    168th comment and very nice vids 👍 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎❤😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😁😁😀😀😀

  • Joe Stacks
    Joe Stacks Il y a mois

    its not a v8. it doesn't even sound like a v8

    • IVorza
      IVorza Il y a mois

      The engine model is, apparently...

  • Noel Dejesus
    Noel Dejesus Il y a mois

    @4:43 ah yes, nice choice of livery Nick 👍
    Now it's a Dinka Sugoi Touring Car

  • ForgedCarbon
    ForgedCarbon Il y a mois +1

    This remodeling actually looks a lot like the real thing
    also ricer just kicked in yo (2:43)
    Apologies, more coming your way at 3:01
    Ok you know what imma just put out the timestamps for rice - 3:07, 3:49, 4:02, 4:41. Someone is gonna need some soy sauce after that.