World of Warcraft: All Battle for Azeroth In-game Cinematics (Tides of Vengeance)

  • Ajoutée 3 nov. 2018
  • World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth All Cinematic Trailer - Lost Honor, Terror of Darkshore, Old Soldier, Warbringers: Jaina, Sylvanas, Azshara, The Siege of Lordaeron, The Return of Hope, The Threat Within Zandalar! World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Full Movie (11/2018)
    00:01 Warbringers: Sylvanas
    03:52 Cinematic: "Old Soldier"
    10:04 Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer
    14:26 Warbringers: Jaina
    19:01 The Siege of Lordaeron: Turn The Tide
    20:24 Lordaeron Throne Room Confrontation - Alliance
    23:19 Lordaeron Throne Room Confrontation - Horde
    26:58 Jaina's Nightmare
    28:33 Arrival to Kul'Tiras
    30:28 Realm Of Torment
    33:09 The Return of Hope: Kul Tiras
    35:39 Arrival to Zandalar
    38:40 Rastakhan's Deal with Bwonsamdi
    41:35 The Threat Within: Zandalar
    43:47 Warbringers: Azshara
    50:50 Cinematic: "Lost Honor"
    54:02 Terror of Darkshore
    Blizzard Entertainment
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    GAMEOST  Il y a an +73

    00:01 Warbringers: Sylvanas
    03:52 Cinematic: "Old Soldier"
    10:04 Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer
    14:26 Warbringers: Jaina
    19:01 The Siege of Lordaeron: Turn The Tide
    20:24 Lordaeron Throne Room Confrontation - Alliance
    23:19 Lordaeron Throne Room Confrontation - Horde
    26:58 Jaina's Nightmare
    28:33 Arrival to Kul'Tiras
    30:28 Realm Of Torment
    33:09 The Return of Hope: Kul Tiras
    35:39 Arrival to Zandalar
    38:40 Rastakhan's Deal with Bwonsamdi
    41:35 The Threat Within: Zandalar
    43:47 Warbringers: Azshara
    50:50 Cinematic: "Lost Honor"
    54:02 Terror of Darkshore

  • Chris Lai
    Chris Lai Il y a 5 mois

    56:22 song plz!!

  • Alex Ong
    Alex Ong Il y a 5 mois

    Oh look,they pissed off the brother of Illidan stormrage

  • chekab nora
    chekab nora Il y a 8 mois

    Bonjour; j'adore les personnages de ce film-jeux
    merci, pour beaucoup GAMEOST-continué .

  • RuralTowner
    RuralTowner Il y a 10 mois

    WoW has some great lore...too bad there is so much of it that is not friendly to those who just want to play solot for the SAKE of that lore (which YOU the player is the SINGULAR hero) and must instead tag along with people more interested in gear. The "instance" facet helped ALOT for the singular player...but IMO not enough for the purely casual one. Part of the reason I largely stopped playing part way through Warlords...couldn't proceed very far.

  • Nick Brundli
    Nick Brundli Il y a 11 mois

    I watched this approximately a thousand times and I'm dreaming of either another Warcraft movie or a great series (Netflix, Prime etc.). Maybe in cinematic style. There are so many stories and so much potential. I'm still hoping...

  • Azraell P
    Azraell P Il y a 11 mois +1

    I just love the Saurfang character he is so well written with so much depth to him. I would gladly march by his side into any battle no matter the odds. Would be an honor to give my life fighting at his side. For the HORDE the real HORDE

    FERNANDO Il y a 11 mois

    I suggest u to put a sub.

  • Thanos Zaxarias
    Thanos Zaxarias Il y a 11 mois

    We will hold this ground for the horde.Dude it's obvious blizzard favors the horse what could a camp of horde do against the nelf demigods who fought the burning legion twice

  • Haise Sasaki
    Haise Sasaki Il y a an


  • Maikonix
    Maikonix Il y a an

    Poor Jaina, her heart still wallowing in agony.

  • Troy Evdokimoff
    Troy Evdokimoff Il y a an

    Sylvanas a blood elf or.. something else like an undead blood elf

  • Gaurab Chatterjee
    Gaurab Chatterjee Il y a an

    Can't believe someone so old, experienced and cunning like N'zoth fell for that.

    If Azshara, a person who was about to die, refused to play ball as per his wishes, he should've simply let her die.

    After all, has there ever been a shortage on Azeroth of megalomaniacal, hypernacissitic leaders or powerful sorcerers for N'zoth to manipulate? I think not. For somehow turned someone like deathwing into a servant, this was a total upset. He should've let her die. Offered the throne of nagas to some other drowning nightelf who would've gladly accepted.

  • LiftedStarfish
    LiftedStarfish Il y a an

    Why TF is Anduin a priest? Might as well be a fucking paladin.

  • Anonym 7102
    Anonym 7102 Il y a an +1

    F.uck I want to play WoW but it is too expensive for me 😢

  • Reforged Paganism
    Reforged Paganism Il y a an

    For the alliance !

  • Moloch
    Moloch Il y a an

    People say Sylvanas
    has gone mad with power and she has no honor, blah, blah, blah. I think its that she's the only one who truly understands what has to happen to finally end the constant fighting between the horde and alliance once and for all. The only way to stop the endless fighting is not with tempory peace treaties and common enemies to face. No, It's for one side to completely wipe out the other, and honestly, the alliance doesn't have it in them. Sylvanas is the only one with the balls to do what needs to be done. To stop the wars for good she will kill every last one of them, be they man, woman, or child. Then tare down their cities and burn all traces of their existence from the world and finally outlaw even the mention of the alliance in a positive light. Given a few hundred years and the world would forget that they ever existed at all.

  • Jonerico
    Jonerico Il y a an

    Lady Ashvane's hot af

  • J Diazo
    J Diazo Il y a an

    lol on the last trailer at the beginning I thought I could hear porn in the background XD

  • Pavel Bambuch
    Pavel Bambuch Il y a an

    Thrall has betrayed horde too and become weakned.
    Killing Garrosh had no sences, he was real chieftain of horde and by side of Sylvanass noone could have ever stop the Horde.

  • Pavel Bambuch
    Pavel Bambuch Il y a an

    Soulfang has betrayed a real horde for his wanted peace.
    But Horde is made by angry fury in their hearts, from deadly blood lust and hattred.
    Not from peace.
    Horde need war to be real and feared.

    • Dumb Dumb Stupid Head
      Dumb Dumb Stupid Head Il y a an

      Pavel Bambuch The horde is about honor and fury, not needless battle. They always need a worthy cause, it’s why the horde has always been more righteous than the alliance in my eyes

  • weeb mochi
    weeb mochi Il y a an

    For the horde moment: ICONIC
    Jaina Singing: ICONIC.
    (Also my sister came in and did orange justice 😂😂)

  • shinogaming
    shinogaming Il y a an

    Do anybody know why night elf and the horde are fighting?

  • Arin Santry
    Arin Santry Il y a an

    bwonsamdi reminds me of the witch doctor from princess and the frog

  • defenderofthenorth52
    defenderofthenorth52 Il y a an +2

    Jaina Proudmore has to be the best character

  • Thomas Sullivan
    Thomas Sullivan Il y a an

    Listen everyone, here what the end plot of battle for azaroth and who made Sylvanas warcheft should be. The void wants Sylvanas's soul but each time she has die she has been resurrected by her followers. So the void lord knew the only way to possess her soul permanently was to have the mortal races destroy all her resources. So they devised a plan where they'd tell vol'gin in his dying breath that she would need to become warcheft if the horde were to survive the legion. That way, when she started her own agenda she would cause so much havoc the mortal races would have to unite to defeat her and destroy everything she possesses that way when she dies this time, she will be dead for good. If you like my idea please like and share it and help make blizzard aware of it.

  • Timmie Jonsson
    Timmie Jonsson Il y a an +1

    The Zandalari storyline was pretty much the best thing in BfA yet, besides the Warchief's conquering of Teldrassil. Sylvanas and Saurfang's careful planned campaign to take out Malfurion and claim all the northern parts of Kalimdor for the Horde was mostly successful, except Saurfang having a problem with burying his axe into the no.1 primary target he himself had ordered to kill. He did it partly because he came to his Warchief's aid when she faced off against such a powerful Druid as Malfurion, even if she can handle herself very good.
    And partly because it was in his mission to take Malfurion out, so him getting all "honorable" over something that is completely out of charactter for him, was pure bs. It's war, people get axes in their backs on the battlefield all the time and Saurfang would've have cared the least, even less against such a powerful foe.
    But they had to force in their plot for the expansion, to copy the MoP traitorVol'jin's path, so whatever it takes no matter how much it contradicts his character.
    It ruined the whole expansion though, Saurfang would never handle internal Horde conflicts like this, we know that. He is part of the Old Horde, the real Horde.
    To plot with the Alliance, no matter the circumstances, is below his honor.

  • Skyler Humphries
    Skyler Humphries Il y a an +4

    That jaina one got me bro 💔 so heartwarming

  • atolm1
    atolm1 Il y a an

    The cinematic for Jaina made me cry though she has never been my favorite. Her burden has been so heavy for so long, more than one should have to bare. It gives me a whole new appreciation for her and I'm glad her mother can see that as well.

  • Squiddyize
    Squiddyize Il y a an

    Malf brought his girlfriend because he couldn't beat Sylv alone huh

  • beyOndzZz
    beyOndzZz Il y a an +3

    20:26 This scene looks kinda like arthas entering loarderon in warcraft3

  • Russell
    Russell Il y a an +1

    As a long time player of WC3 and TFT, alongside heavy experience playing in WOW all the way up to WOTLK (I stopped playing completely after), I'm a bit confused as to how Sylvanas ended up being in charge of the horde? I have seen the cutscenes but its a bit much no?

    • Steven Doolittle
      Steven Doolittle Il y a an

      Vol'jin was informed by some spirits that making Sylvanas was the best decision in the long run, despite not trusting her. However, it seems that some other forces were disguising themselves and tricking him. Although Sylvanas hasn't exactly been a benevolent leader in the past, many of her actions aren't very tactical or necessary and don't really fit her past behavior. It could be that she is being controlled by the same group that tricked Vol'jin, or that she is held captive elsewhere, and the one we see is a false one.

    • Russell
      Russell Il y a an +1

      Sucks for the Horde.

    • Skirdus
      Skirdus Il y a an +1

      Tl;dr Thrall makes Garrosh warchief, Garrosh goes power-mad and gets killed in mak'gora, Thrall names Vol'jin warchief, Vol'jin is fatally wounded by Burning Legion on the Broken Isles, Vol'jin names Sylvanas warchief because the "loa spirits" told him to, but we're just now learning it was actually a force other than the loa (possibly some death-related deity)

  • Elvin Chow
    Elvin Chow Il y a an +2

    i love that a forsaken says ''For the horde'', idk why but i just do

    • weeb mochi
      weeb mochi Il y a an

      Elvin Chow even though half the horde hates them 😂😂

  • Nathan Robinson
    Nathan Robinson Il y a an +2

    They done goofed by pissing off Malfurion. It's good to see him as a badass again.

    • Prince Repulsive
      Prince Repulsive Il y a an

      Blizzard should have show us the real Fury of the Children of the Night. Just take a look at Maiev she is relentless in her pursue of Illidan for multiple expansions and games. When Night elves are really pissed they are terrifying. And someone as chill and wise as Malfurion, who always advocated peace and mercy, should be absolute monster when really pushed over the edge of anger, they destroyed his home and almost murdered his mate. He should be tearing limbs, biting of heads and burying random horde npcs. Not get owned the very moment after the cinematic takes place, that is just lazy writing that is trying to push Sylvanas as the ultimate bad and "Horde" can never be beaten. Night elves should have tear Nathanos and his little band of good for nothing a new one.If Illidan wasn't stuck guarding Sargeras he would dealt with Sylvanas the Night elf way. He knows what must be done, no matter the consequences.

  • Alex Wolf
    Alex Wolf Il y a an +1

    Its time to put down the banshee prince
    Not for the alliance, but for the Kaldorei.

  • LoScudoDiCapaneo
    LoScudoDiCapaneo Il y a an

    30:48 instacrying like a bitch

  • Sumit Jha
    Sumit Jha Il y a an

    Is that Furion and Tyrande at the end. Damn they're 🔥 hot.

  • Arielle Sigler
    Arielle Sigler Il y a an +14

    For Tyrande!!💙

  • Bonefetcher Brimley
    Bonefetcher Brimley Il y a an +1

    Kul tiras storyline: "I love you mom. *Hug*"
    Zandalar storyline." DIE YOU FUCKING OLD GOD FILTH!" *Strangles blood troll with their own intestines.*
    Both are awesome in my opinion.

  • Jose Huayllas
    Jose Huayllas Il y a an +2

    thats amazing, thanks bro

  • Hentai Senpai
    Hentai Senpai Il y a an

    Fucking malfurion arrived !

  • TwinerJack
    TwinerJack Il y a an +17

    Blizzard cinematic department deserves a freaking noble, Oscar, everything!

    • Andrey Zuev
      Andrey Zuev Il y a 6 mois

      Only this department deserve it, unfortunately...

  • xthatwhiteguyx
    xthatwhiteguyx Il y a an +7

    What a dumb expansion... Yet again, making the horde generic evil villains. The whole point of Warcraft was neither the horde nor alliance were villains; but this is now 2 (3?) expansions where the horde has been the cliche evil side and the alliance good.

  • Tyrone A Gaskins
    Tyrone A Gaskins Il y a an

    The trailer sucks... Hollywood making heroes out of despots. Fuck Cheney.

  • Gary Good
    Gary Good Il y a an

    alliance sucks.

  • bru numzy
    bru numzy Il y a an

    im surprised this isnt a mobile game yet

  • Sponga09
    Sponga09 Il y a an +8

    Bwonsamdi reminds me of Ryuk from Death Note

  • Roy Abr
    Roy Abr Il y a an

    frostmourne hunger

    ENGINE RUSH Il y a an +3

    the best one is azshara cinematic

    • weeb mochi
      weeb mochi Il y a an

      I love the jaina singing cinematic and when Sylvanas screams 💕

    • Adri Adrian
      Adri Adrian Il y a an

      You got that right!

      GAMEOST  Il y a an +2

      I'm in love with Jaina cinematic, gives me chills every time.

  • Alga MV
    Alga MV Il y a an +1

    the last cinematic with the Nelves going to attack the horde…. are not all the elves in some sort of Peace pack?? Night elves, Blood Elves and High Elves?? I remember they worked together back in the Suramar, but now they're killing each other???? why :((((

    • Adri Adrian
      Adri Adrian Il y a an

      Alga MV but that was after the burning of Teldrassil

    • Adri Adrian
      Adri Adrian Il y a an

      Alga MV during the prepatch there were blood elf npcs attacking night elves on the ships and in Lor’danel.

    • Alga MV
      Alga MV Il y a an +1

      @Adri Adrian I only saw Sylvanas minions and her bf along with some other orcs. No blood elves was there, atleast in the cinematic screen.
      Sucks to see NElves vs BElves, two of my favorite races☹😓

    • Adri Adrian
      Adri Adrian Il y a an +3

      They literally burned their home and pushed them out of their homelands! I don’t think they mean any peace anymore!

    • Alga MV
      Alga MV Il y a an +1

      @William Roivas ☹

  • Alex Zander
    Alex Zander Il y a an +54

    I really hope at the end of this expansion we see fractures in the Horde and Alliance. I want to see them split up into different groups. The horde could split into Pro-Slyvanus vs Anti-Sylvanus and the alliance could split between a "end the war" faction and a "destroy the horde" faction. I think that would make for a lot of new and interesting player options.

    • FinalFinale
      FinalFinale Il y a an

      WC3: Human vs Undead vs Orc vs Night Elf
      WoW: Alliance vs Horde, cramp everything together...

    • dmgbringer
      dmgbringer Il y a an

      I can se the horde split up but only if Saurfang can create a large enough support from the horde as he would never stop untill Sylvanas has been removed from warchief. Sylvanas recent actions goes against everything the horde used to stand for "HONOR". That being said i dont think she is all bad as for ppl that are really well knowledged in her lore. When she looked upon Arthus dead body near the frozen throne after we left she jumped off its cliffs to end her life as ever sence she was turned into a banshe she wanted revange. And with him now dead she dident se any reson to live on. However the valkyre saved her and showed her the future of her ppl if she would die. The undead are not liked within the horde they are mearly being tolerated. She has seen the fate of her ppl if they get thrown out of the horde and would not have a chans of survival as there repreduction rate is near 0 and with both the horde and alliance hunting them. If saurfang gain controll of the horde and with he´s belive in honor would not simply kill off anyone that refuced him as warchief. He would gladly fight for the honor and title but lets be realistic here who could really take him down. Any member of any race that wouldent accept he´s rules within the horde could challange him or leave the horde. Even if he was in a numbers disadvantage and was forced to fight the current horde he would absolutly do it as in he´s eye´s there is no greater honor then a warriors death.

    • Lady Aphelion
      Lady Aphelion Il y a an +1

      They are going this directions somewhat already as now, hordeside, you will have to pick between following Sylvanas or Saurfang. Making some things lock for you either way depending on who you side with.

    • Elvin Chow
      Elvin Chow Il y a an

      and maybe they could also make anti-sylvanas with destorying the horde...yikesss

    • Alex Zander
      Alex Zander Il y a an +4

      @NerdExtrodinare I beg to differ. I'm sure many Worgen still hate the horde in general, especially the Forsaken. I also don't doubt there would be draeni and even other humans/dwarfs/gnomes who have been at war with the Horde for so long and have personally lost so much, to the point they would join with the night elves. Especially if the Horde splits and they see it as a weakness.

  • santiago ferrari
    santiago ferrari Il y a an

    In game? o.O

      GAMEOST  Il y a an

      In game cinematics, yes.

  • AlphaWolfRed
    AlphaWolfRed Il y a an

    Where did the end slate music come from?

  • All for One
    All for One Il y a an +2

    Dang, I never noticed how badass malfurion is through his giant green beard

    • snert !
      snert ! Il y a an

      hOBo SwaGgiNZ it’s fuckin algae dude he stay in aquatic form too damn long oops

  • G_59ShadowKhan
    G_59ShadowKhan Il y a an


  • Joel Cordial
    Joel Cordial Il y a an

    I've never played the games. I'm in tears. This is so beautiful. Where was this my whole life?

    • Carlos
      Carlos Il y a an

      soft guy

      GAMEOST  Il y a an

      That have been out there, but you do not see it. Now, your eyes see what others cannot!

  • MiVidaEs DOTA
    MiVidaEs DOTA Il y a an

    where are Trall?

  • runkorko
    runkorko Il y a an

    Next time put them in corect order maybe ?

      GAMEOST  Il y a an

      @Albert Ollosa After

    • Albert Ollosa
      Albert Ollosa Il y a an

      @GAMEOST At the end, Malfurion/Tyrande scene with Nathanos happened after the burning of Teldrassil or before it?

      GAMEOST  Il y a an

      Hmm, what's wrong?

  • Diego Morrone
    Diego Morrone Il y a an

    Malfurion, badass, Storm rage!!

  • Mervin M
    Mervin M Il y a an

    Very good story. What's next? Is that all?

    GOJUMP OFFABRIDGE Il y a an +1

    that was awsum thank you :)

  • Hermanto Dharma Putra
    Hermanto Dharma Putra Il y a an +1

    do they ran out of budget to do a real 3D cinematics.......

    • quixilvernor
      quixilvernor Il y a an

      If you play the game it will be natural to have gameplay catchscenes.

    • Kikotingin 07
      Kikotingin 07 Il y a an +1

      Bobo ka ba?

  • Jump Man
    Jump Man Il y a an +36

    Seriously bruh wheres Thrall

    • Terveys Tohtori
      Terveys Tohtori Il y a an

      Coming ;)

    • Arthas
      Arthas Il y a an +3

      @Steven DoolittleThrall has been voiced by Chris Metzen who himself asked at BlizzCon when Thrall will come back. So I'm pretty sure he's open to voice him again if he doesn't know he will do that already. :)

    • Steven Doolittle
      Steven Doolittle Il y a an +1

      The voice actor for Thrall retired. He could be replaced, but since Thrall was only ever voiced by one man since Warcraft 2 (unless I'm mistaken), they might have felt like having another guy play him was wrong. He's probably involved in this elsewhere, but because the voice actor retired, we may never see him in action again.

      GAMEOST  Il y a an +1

      On the way, i think.

    • Hernán no te Cortes
      Hernán no te Cortes Il y a an +4

      chilling with his family

  • JA VB
    JA VB Il y a an +1

    I hope they will make a BFA campaign for WC3 Reforged, that would be so freaking awesome. :)

  • Scorpio
    Scorpio Il y a an

    bfa dreck system von blizzard die pvp bevorzugung der letzte dreck warte auf classic dan erst werd ich wieder abonieren und wieder spielen

  • DarthCruciare87
    DarthCruciare87 Il y a an +4

    46:58. "For a thousand years..." Umm, that's not very impressive, considering that even at the time of the Sundering 10 000 years prior, even Malfurion and Tyrande were already several thousand years old, at least going by the official guide that came with Warcraft 3. That may have since been retconned, but I doubt it. If you are going to borrow from Lovecraftian horror, a cosmic being should be unknowable, indecipherable, and ageless. By establishing a timescale that is not only quantifiable, but unimpressive considering the lifespans of the mortals involved, you are reducing the potency of the reveal.

    • DarthCruciare87
      DarthCruciare87 Il y a an

      @Joshua Macal Possibly so, but again, the timescale is not that impressive. That's like if you were 30 years old, and learned that someone had been watching you for about 5 of those years. You'd probably shrug your shoulders and say 'meh' and move on. Now if you learned that if someone was watching you literally your entire life, from birth to current age, without you being aware of that, you would be creeped out.

    • Joshua Macal
      Joshua Macal Il y a an

      He had been watching her for a thousand years.
      She was probably not interesting before then, not being worthy of a notice.

  • Joonas
    Joonas Il y a an +10

    Damn.... All this look so good and want to know more about a story but.....the game it self-look so outdated for me ;(

  • Tex
    Tex Il y a an

    You shoulda named the vid: all cinemtics. Since thats what it is. Not ingame.

    • Tex
      Tex Il y a an

      @GAMEOST Those are all ingame cinematics. But that doesent change the fact that this is a list of all the cinematics and not just ingame ones.

      GAMEOST  Il y a an

      @Tex But what about Jaina's Nightmare
      , Arrival to Kul'Tiras, Realm Of Torment, The Return of Hope: Kul Tiras, Arrival to Zandalar, Rastakhan's Deal with Bwonsamdi, The Threat Within: Zandalar??

    • Tex
      Tex Il y a an

      @GAMEOST Because they arent in-game cinematics lost honor for example cannot be accsed in game but rather on a web browser.

      GAMEOST  Il y a an

      Nope, it's cinematics in-game, right? So why I should name the vid: all cinematics?

  • Minh Pham
    Minh Pham Il y a an

    ohhh that why we have saga 0w0

  • adoor hargreeves
    adoor hargreeves Il y a an +5

    new to the wow scene but already hit with the feels & got chills watchin this wtf blizzard

  • Odranoel Hittailz
    Odranoel Hittailz Il y a an

    What happened to Tyrande's eyes?

    • Rebekka F
      Rebekka F Il y a an

      GAMEOST  Il y a an

      She apparently snaps and delves into shadow to become the Night Huntress.

  • waropton
    waropton Il y a an +2

    You know it has come to my attention that Blood Elfs are really something else by loyal standard, they stand next to and fight with Orcs and Trolls, witch were there enemy from the Second War, and Undead that nearly wiped them out, and i know some may say those are not same undead and to some extent i agree (for those raised after WotLK), but you need to think about and Forsaken didn't got there free will for almost a year if i remember correctly after the distraction of Silvermoon.

    • Exhauztee
      Exhauztee Il y a an

      @Jovan Belegisanin that saddens me really.. blood elves were really loyal ever since kael's era but were abused and exploited to some corrupted human leaders such as the palladin bound to that dreadlord..

    • Jovan Belegisanin
      Jovan Belegisanin Il y a an +1

      There was a behind the scenes plan for Blood elves to rejoin the Alliance during Mists of Pandaria because of various disagreements with Garrosh, but it all fall apart when Jaina sacked Dalaran and killed/imprisoned the Sunreavers. Since then, their loyalty to the Horde is unquestionable.

  • Kao H
    Kao H Il y a an +2

    Vanilla, Outland, Northrend, skipped Cata, Pandaria, Skipped Draenor, Legion, Skipped BFA, "playing next expansion" cause it's prob gonna be better again...hopefully

    • quixilvernor
      quixilvernor Il y a an

      Why would you skip Draenor? It was an awesome expansion. Lovely zones, nice raids, cool story, extremely awesome characters involved.

  • Leo Ix
    Leo Ix Il y a an

    I am convinced that it is Hollywood who fucked the Blizzard movie up.
    Blizzards crafts some of the best stories PERIOD.

  • Great Sentinel
    Great Sentinel Il y a an +1

    Cold Terrans are made of!!!!!! War Cheese!!!!Oh mighty Rosanna

  • Casper Christensen
    Casper Christensen Il y a an +2

    "In game."

  • Geminias
    Geminias Il y a an +24

    What I love about the last scene is that it reminds me of the night elves from warcraft 3. The ones that stood solo against the legion. The ones that pushed Hellscream's orcs to drink from the tainted fountain and become blood orcs.

    • Benjen
      Benjen Il y a an

      @Sephelutis Lucifus Who cares, the night elves repelled the legion once, 10,000 years ago.. they are very strong and capable of more

    • Sephelutis Lucifus
      Sephelutis Lucifus Il y a an

      Geminias not quite. Nightelves had a chance because the Orcs manage to kill Mannaroth and Illidan assasinated Tichondrius. This greatly weakened and delayed Archiemonde at the battle of twilight. Had none of this happened they would’ve lost.

  • Caca Dian
    Caca Dian Il y a an +1

    Where are them (malfie & tyrande) when illidan return.?
    I dont play wow, but love the tell me, player ;)

    • Caca Dian
      Caca Dian Il y a an

      Spazz Iron ohh thank sir

    • Spazz Iron
      Spazz Iron Il y a an

      Caca Dian Recovering from being kidnapped by the primary enemy of the druids (emerald Nightmare)

    • Caca Dian
      Caca Dian Il y a an

      Spazz Iron my question is where is malfie at that time

    • Spazz Iron
      Spazz Iron Il y a an +2

      @Caca Dian At the end of the war he STAYED on Argus... now a prison for the mad titan to serve as the warden for Sargarus

    • Caca Dian
      Caca Dian Il y a an

      Spazz Iron but he join the war against sargeras

    IRONHIDE Il y a an

    56:50 song pls

    • Rebel Caleb
      Rebel Caleb Il y a an +1

      @GAMEOST THX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      GAMEOST  Il y a an

      Far Cry 5 - Resistance Theme

    • Rebel Caleb
      Rebel Caleb Il y a an

      Guys? Answer this comment when the title will be revealed, pls.

  • Turiel The Protector of Secrets Come and discuss it with me :) Ps there's probelly gonna be salty hordies on there.