Genesis 3a: The Serpent

  • Ajoutée 13 sept. 2019
  • Thanks to scholars Ben Stanhope and John Walton for reviewing this video. John Walton doesn't agree with the main points of this video, but he was still nice enough to review and offer feedback. This video was primarily written by myself and Ben Stanhope. Check out his channel here:

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    Michael Heiser - The Unseen Realm
    Tryggve Mettinger in "Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible," Pages 742-744
    William Ward - The Four-Winged Serpent on Hebrew Seals
    John Walton - The Lost World of Adam and Eve
    Tryggve Mettinger - The Eden Narrative
    Ben Stanhope - The Reception of the Winged Serpent Motif on Hebrew Seals of the Late Monarchy and the Biblical Seraphim
    H. J. Van Dijk - Ezekiel's Prophecy on Tyre: A New Approach

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  • Nathan Dooley
    Nathan Dooley Il y a 15 heures

    Alright, it’s official, I’m addicted to your work... here’s all my money, my house, and my car-just let me know if want my snake? ...kidding

    • InspiringPhilosophy
      InspiringPhilosophy  Il y a 15 heures +1


    • Nathan Dooley
      Nathan Dooley Il y a 15 heures

      InspiringPhilosophy haha! Look... I’ll have to find your vid on the Pentecost, but I’m pretty confident they sold everything for the work of the Holy Spirit and that is what I find watching your work, soo.... I’m moving in, scooch over lol!

    • InspiringPhilosophy
      InspiringPhilosophy  Il y a 15 heures +1

      Lol, please I only need a modest size donation. 😂

  • Asa Lee
    Asa Lee Il y a 17 heures

    The scriptures says that serpent was nothing more than one of the “beasts of the field” which the Lord made. It was not a heavenly being with wings. It was not once apart of God’s divine council. There were two creatures in the picture. The serpent and Satan. It was an animal that Satan used to communicate with the woman. We see where God speaks to the prince of Tyre and then speaks to the king of Tyre, the spirit which controlled the prince of Tyre. That spirit was Satan. Same is true with the serpent. God speaks directly to the serpent and then He speaks to the spirit that influenced the serpent. The serpent was a willing vessel to help Satan, that’s why God judge it and cursed it. Then He spoke directly to Satan himself and told him a seed from the woman would crush his head.

  • Charles Darwin
    Charles Darwin Il y a jour

    "Seraph were considered a type of cherub". Thankz this clarifies a lot.

  • Florida boy
    Florida boy Il y a 2 jours

    WOW !! I am so glad i found this channel !!

  • Tessie Gegone
    Tessie Gegone Il y a 2 jours

    Try wacthing Ophrian Heritage Conservatory for more deep under stsnding

  • Tessie Gegone
    Tessie Gegone Il y a 2 jours

    Cain was the son of the serpent and Yahawah the name of the creator

  • T E
    T E Il y a 2 jours

    Serpents and mice survived the asteroid of 65 million years ago.
    Cunning. Intelligence. Awareness.

  • Mr Falcon
    Mr Falcon Il y a 6 jours

    Song name plz 1

  • lelandma
    lelandma Il y a 7 jours

    Wasn't too bad. A few weak spots but then again it's hard to please all scriptural aficionados, huh? Just to make it plain, no there was no physical talking snake in the GoE. The snake actually made its entrance "into" Adam ala Mark 4:15 immediately after God blessed him/them. From that point on it was Adam and Satan walking in the same pair of shoes.

  • In Otter Words
    In Otter Words Il y a 7 jours +1

    I would urge people to read the listed verses for themselves, to see what a tortured interpretation needs to be pushed to draw even tentative connections.
    "Seraph" is never used in the Torah to refer to the serpent in the Garden of Eden (nor are all references to a "nachash" meant to be understood as seraphs, Moses' bronze serpent being a good example).
    The Garden of Eden scene is not a Divine Council scene.
    "Cast down" is not an unusual or unique description (and it is never applied to the serpent in the Garden of Eden).
    "Dust" does not universally refer to the afterlife, or the underworld, or angelic beings.
    The much simpler explanation is the simple truth that the serpent in Genesis was never identified as Satan, or as Lucifer in the Old Testament. The connection between the two, as far as we can tell, was a later Christian invention.

    • Josie B.
      Josie B. Il y a 2 jours

      Yes, exactly! Lucifer is what it is...the name describing a fallen king. The satan is what it is and that is a title and not a demon bc angels were also called satans in the bible. The shining one in the garden with eve was an intelligent being with very pronounced reptilian features. He was also a friend and not foe; nor, some talking snake.

  • In Otter Words
    In Otter Words Il y a 7 jours

    Um... wat? Just to review some of the logic of the video here.
    1. In the time of King Ahaz, seraphs were sometimes portrayed with wings. Therefore the authors of Genesis meant *all* seraphs to be winged.
    2. The seraphs at the time of King Ahaz were closely associated with serpents. Therefore, the inscribers of ancient Egyptian texts thousands of years older were describing the same beings.
    3. The "son of man" in Ezekiel 28:12 is described as being "wise"... so he was probably being portrayed as a serpent.
    I wouldn't put much stock in this theory if I were you.

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose Il y a 7 jours

    This guy can quote the scripture until his face turns blue he still sounds like a nerd. Don’t let someone intellectually explain the Bible to you they have an ego.

  • Robert Jack Cutter
    Robert Jack Cutter Il y a 9 jours

    I grew up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was rampant among the Mormon community to refer to the native American Quetzalcoatl of Mexico, AKA the flying white serpent god, as a depiction of Jesus Christ visiting the ancient Americas in their Book of Mormon. The Latter-Day Saint community during the 1970'-1990's knows exactly what I mean. Wow. A flying serpent is a dragon and the word Laban in hebrew means white. Laban was also the name one of the most evil characters in their Book of Mormon. GET A CLUE!

  • daniel perrault
    daniel perrault Il y a 11 jours

    I might need to find someone who knows alot of the ancient bible and mythology.. Yea I have not only the mark of the beast but also the mark of god.. And the human or God chi... I'm not lying it's exposed always to anyone who wants to look when my hand veins are out.. I have xi... On my left hand x on the right.. All in veins... A dimple chin.. I hear this and... Ni hash.. I decypher that as black... Users of Hash also was once the word for assassin or hashashin.. So xix is 666... Or right infront of left hand it is 7+7+7....21....blackjack...or natural.. My life was extremely weird.. Almost impossible to be true.. I was born March six 1991... Aiia... I live in Canada in 91 I was born so a dan a cia.. Predicted complete devil God chi... And amazing being... But society made me broke uneducated and very stupid... Wasted my life for nearly 28 years for unknown reasons.. You are reading the most odd birth ever the mark of the beast and christ in one.. I have been God and bad.. What if god was one of us... Its not you.. I know that much.. Wanna see Zeus he's in that picture.. My sister is Jenifer.. Jen is sister... Most death here relates to something in my life.. God is good but can own evil also... Too many people maybe I don't know.. I'm under qualified to work for a worthy job.. And paranoid... After dodging death almost unlimited times.. It doesn't seem to stop... My parent's left my family as children.. They were so called killed and put into witness protection destroying my family's life.. Then my family was treated like garbage.. Society made hundreds of mistakes to walk on my family... So yea now everybody may be waking up to the fact it was God's teeth that men drilled and scratched out.. And hurt the parents of and treated like garbage a cop punched God in the head but God was getting caught doing a break and enter. As a young kid.. And ran from police.. I can forgive the cop if the cia did not already destroy him.. He charged me with assault for his assault on the devil God.. I think area 51 was given instructions to create my life.. Its possible.. And my first name means gods justice.. I have the president of China name on my left hand.. Its amazing.. I never knew this before.. People pretended to try and kill me... And hit me in a car.. Then I started realizing there's way more to the story.. Sept 11 happened based on me... Corona virus... Everything... I know some of what this guy said was written in code some backwards and some rearranged... Its based on words in words.. Numbers for words and all language and slang combined.. My interpretation can decypher the truth.. Yea god and the devil walk on water every time it rains.. He is in Canada where we get frost burn In winter sometimes.. I found out very recently my veins are more then just the mark of the beast.. Its really odd but not fake... If I just had the veins I'd say so what not when things happen alot from what I do... And say... And type... Yea God is the devil he is in this world.. And ze us is the main God... Works with China.. And everybody else.. The shadow governments are real.. But it's not what you think.. God and the devil are not bad.. Together.. They are not much different then anyone else.. But the world makes that untrue.. Because I can do what you can't and not realize... Now I'm catching on and trying to block... The curses.. If the world doesn't want that I need to be told to not do any blocking I don't know much at all.. Accept I am poor.. And trashed by society my teeth even removed.. I don't even think I should trust people from what I have seen many don't like me.. Society hated the devil ...God and human chi... All at once Atleast around me every time I go to do anything someone tries to wrewin it... Often..

  • James Richard Wiley
    James Richard Wiley Il y a 11 jours

    Talking snakes and virgin births.
    Figments of the human imagination

  • carbon273
    carbon273 Il y a 12 jours +1

    I hear a lot of people arguing over Satan being a Seraph or a Cherub.
    Person 1: Is Satan a Seraph?
    Person 2: Is Satan a Cherub?
    IP: Yes.

    • carbon273
      carbon273 Il y a 12 jours

      To IP, I subscribed after watching that great apologetics calibration you and the other channels did.


    Heres the creator and the serpent🍍

  • Mark Garduno
    Mark Garduno Il y a 13 jours

    Google, "the god of the free Masons ". It says that the kingdom of The Creator of All, had given authority to the spirit and that she her self was wisdom and thought. Nothing was above The Kingdom a d had no name or weight or measurement, since no one had made it or had authority over it. But, somehow in the beginning, she(the spirit) conceived without his authority and this entity was born. Since it was an abomination, she gave it the body of a serpent and the face of a lion. He was given a domain and hidden in a clowd so as no one could see the abomination. His name was Yeldaboath (The Shining One/Lucifer). He later declared himself God above all and declared it," I am the only god and there are no other gods before me, for I am a jealous god". Yet when the Angeles heard this they questioned his authority and said, " how can this be the real god, since there is no one above him, so why would he be jealous ?". From a far a voice cried out for justice(holy spirit of truth)and said,"liar, there is a kingdom above you, those who serve him are above you and even humans(creation) are above you!".
    His creed is this, Order Through Chaos(Ordo A Caob) and "In your suffering and pain i gain my strength ". See, Illuminati Temple Washington DC ". See, The Real Founder of Christianity Unveiled FRstop 19 minutes. Also see, The True Number of The Beast 616=13th false apostle Paul. A d last but not least see, Living by The Point of My Spear ". May the love of The Creator of All be with you.

  • andyflow180
    andyflow180 Il y a 16 jours

    But there’s a part in genesis also saying
    He made us from dust
    Then we have scientists saying we are monkeys

  • Tony Morena
    Tony Morena Il y a 16 jours

    There is nothing precise about the information in this video given by the narrator. Sort of, indicates, gives the idea of....etc...etc.... not good enough. Chinese whispers comes from incorrect translation to provoke and manipulate. Don't be 'sucked in' as the saying goes....

  • Seven
    Seven Il y a 17 jours

    It was created or/and compared to beast of the field so it is probably not an angelic being.

  • Alan deWalton
    Alan deWalton Il y a 17 jours

    Humanity's Ancient War With The 'Serpent Race' (the serpent produced its own shape-shifting 'seed' -- the TARES among the WHEAT -- WITHOUT the need or 'help' of Eve or Cain)...

  • Sierrah Max
    Sierrah Max Il y a 17 jours

    Thank You

  • Rowena Malaga
    Rowena Malaga Il y a 18 jours

    Like Ophirian Heritage Conservatory...informative.

  • Age Of The Storm
    Age Of The Storm Il y a 18 jours

    I've always said that Astrotheology is the"Red Pill" of the Bible. Check these out if you want to know exactly where the rabbit hole goes:
    Introduction Video:
    Adam, Eve & Creation:
    Noah, The Ark & The Flood
    Ezekiel's Vision
    4 Evangelists
    4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
    The Last Supper
    Jesus Timeline
    Character Origins

  • ThatDude
    ThatDude Il y a 20 jours

    Does anyone consider that Adam and Eve could speak to and comprehend all God's creatures? Adam did name them and they knew him.

  • Oasis Flame
    Oasis Flame Il y a 23 jours

    So they kinda use the whole "dinosaurs" story to stray you away from the Actual truth but with a similar story. Oh Satan you devil!! 😹

  • Troll
    Troll Il y a 23 jours

    *They're talking about Reptilians*

  • Phillip Honeysett
    Phillip Honeysett Il y a 23 jours

    Indescribable teeth n snake razors or beak stars above god forgot to touch n creation or creator dracuse the dragon wings n all see or all n earth's deceit n deceive became after the tree n universal angels be n touch earth is humanity not disgrace sin or none all's complete n hand known n done 🌏✨🙏💧📀🗿 n king's r crown n above god n face no frown 🌓✍️⚡🔥

  • Daniel Morgan
    Daniel Morgan Il y a 24 jours

    What parts did Dr. Walton disagree with?

  • I weigh more without clothes

    Technically, Lucifer is another name for Phosphorus.
    And Venus, the morning star, the light bringer, herald of the dawn, is also Lucifer.
    I think it boils down to something like this; what is represented by Lucifer an Satan are two aspects of a similar thing... but what is represented by Lucifer is the "high vibin" aspect and what is represented by Satan are the worst expressions of that particular
    This world is ruled by dualities and contrasts. The "next world", the world that belongs to insight, imagination, intuition, that is where dualities are resolved. The ideals can exist there, and to borrow from that realm of divinity is akin to "stealing fire from the Gods" (Prometheus), because when introduced to this world, it becomes dualistic; it warms us, cooks food, lights the night, etc but it clearly also causes damage.
    Wishing to be guided by the Go(o)d rather than "the deceiver" is to wish to avoid the worst of the consequences of said dualities, to be guided by thoughts/influences that benefit humanity.
    The first time we ate the fruit of knowledge we started a chain of events; the way I see it, we are the evolved descendants of a fire-obsessed primate/proto-human that still remembers on some level both the thrill of this discovery, the triumph and the advancement, but also the cost of having this technology unconstrained... I bet we burned a few of our own trees back then by mistake. Hence the remorse we have at our technologies; it could be perceived as thus; we "stole" fire from the perfect realm of ideas to give to this dualistic reality, we avoided some of the suffering that all wildlife encounters, but it came at a price. We were no longer in a "garden" where our responsibilities weren't ours, where they all belonged to the force that drives all of nature by instinct.
    Out of the sandbox, with fire and a sense of responsibility toward our own actions. And we've been working out the best ways of balancing ourselves ever since.
    Hence the pentagram and both Satan and Lucifer being symbolic of Man's will. The dualistic nature of our will (as explained in the above) being symbolised by both the light bringer and the "prince of lies".

  • herewegokids7
    herewegokids7 Il y a 25 jours

    I loved how glittery they made the serpent in the movie Noah

  • J knowledgenet
    J knowledgenet Il y a 27 jours

    The fact that people take this as fairy tales is astonishing. Go to mudfossil university and try and dispute his evidence and not just hous evidence around the world, these titans, Nephalim, demons, watchers, they all existed and they were nothing like the modern mortal human being, they were once way bigger. Think of it this way, The hills were alive!! We gotta wake up to the truth their are powers that have been here since before us and our Father created a flood to wipe them out and allow us to survive. If he hadn't we wouldn't of been around anymore. There is scientific and visual historical evidence around the world that proves my theory as well as the known much higher oxygen level, which scientist say plants and animals would of thrived and grew enormous with such a high oxygen content. What we were taught as fairytales is our real history. Sorry folks but I only speak the TRUTH and give all praise to our Father. Peace

  • Flip Gz
    Flip Gz Il y a 27 jours

    The serpent is the kundalini and the eagle 🦅 is used to represent the kundalini connection

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones Il y a 27 jours

    Angelic beans non human reptilian winged beaings. Or draconian from the constellation Draconian

  • GS Alien
    GS Alien Il y a 27 jours

    Riddle me this.....How can an angel rebel against god if angels have no free-will? It's rhetorical, don't actually respond. Then jump into Matthew where Jesus doesn't admonish people for mimicking Nachash, but actually emphasizes their superior qualities. Moses utilizes their image to save his entire tribe.
    No one seems to know if Nachash should be built up or knocked down.

  • Andre Montana
    Andre Montana Il y a 28 jours

    1000 versions of Christianity and each, with the help of a concordance, bend the book to what suits them, to report the "real" meaning always hidden from the rest hehe.

  • Renzo Alvau
    Renzo Alvau Il y a 28 jours

    The shining one was smarter than any other.....animal?! Thats a clue right there that it means serpent isn’t it?

  • Cyi Absalon
    Cyi Absalon Il y a 28 jours +3

    Wow. . . You totally Missed it! Satan is called "The Morning Star" as well.

  • Fun Leisure
    Fun Leisure Il y a 28 jours

    Might explain why the Father told the serpent you will now crawl on your belly. Took away his wings.

  • Hu Man
    Hu Man Il y a 29 jours

    I wonder if Adam and Eve had been aware of the serpent having no knowledge before eating of the forbidden fruit

  • John Doe
    John Doe Il y a 29 jours

    Adam's sinful nature, when going against God = Serpent. Any human that goes against God's plan is taking an ADVERSARIAL position to God = Satan.

  • lloyd munga
    lloyd munga Il y a 29 jours

    Subbed! Very in depth ....the layered meanings get totally lost in translation ... learn Hebrew or watch videos like this to help you on the quest for truth ... you won't get it from the Vatican or salvation tv, that's for sure

  • lloyd munga
    lloyd munga Il y a 29 jours

    Any translation of Hebrew text loses its meaning ... the original text paints pictures in a person's mind, whereas the translation washes it out to a gray fog

  • rocky jackson
    rocky jackson Il y a 29 jours

    Here's the info you have all completely missed made Void by your Traditions..
    You have utterly forgot the FACT that the Talking Serpent is STILL in Gan Eden and all mankind is STILL barred from entrance from it by a Flaming sword and a cherub .
    Don't trip over your traditions when that Emet wakes you up

  • Sandy Schipper
    Sandy Schipper Il y a mois

    Thankyou so much. Love this presentation. Love learning about symbolism and language. I think the Hebrew language is fascinating.

  • bern steiner
    bern steiner Il y a mois

    Another one bites the Dust...

  • joseph maninang
    joseph maninang Il y a mois

    the serpent crawls after being cursed meaning it has it's own limbs and hands before it was cursed?

  • Manus The Black Thorn
    Manus The Black Thorn Il y a mois

    the serpent was the christ at some point and the so called God was the adam and his sister who wanted to be like Gods

  • Sirach306
    Sirach306 Il y a mois

    A serpent is The Most PERCEPTIVE of all animals. Works with. VIBRATIONS. Why do you think lord Shiva has a serpent around his neck, or throat chakra. He is saying this cobra is almost as perceptive as me. Almost as good as me. A snake works with vibrations. Everything is just vibrating at a frequency. Plus the symbology of Kundalini rising...can’t ignore that.

  • John Yuasa
    John Yuasa Il y a mois

    Those of you curious of knowing how the fall of humanity happened should look at the serpent seed to know exactly what happened with the serpent and Eve, and why pure blood is needed to cleanse humanity's sin.

  • Cortney Holt
    Cortney Holt Il y a mois

    They will be the heavies to scare everyone into a new world order when they are ready for that part of the plan.

  • Cortney Holt
    Cortney Holt Il y a mois

    Airforce/CIA black sites love the Draco !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cortney Holt
    Cortney Holt Il y a mois

    i really like this they are dealing with the military of the world through symbiotic artificial lifeforms who portray themselves as aliens from other planets when they reside in all the high dry desert mountains of the Earth, like the North Face, continental divide from antarctica to the arctic there is also water bases in the oceans, they are highly intelligent and malevolent towards humanity, obviously. The NSA and the DIA and the NROC and DSD-3 deals primarily with this very subject at hidden deep black levels of intelligence!

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones Il y a mois

    Maybe a serpent with wings is actually a dragon.

    • Average American
      Average American Il y a mois

      They are actually our overlords from the pope to Hollyweird. Serpent seeds from royal bloodlines...

  • The Branch
    The Branch Il y a mois

    You heard God's side of the story of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but as we all know, there are two sides to every story. So gather around boys and girls of God and let me tell you the serpent's side of this bible story. After all, how can you make a righteous judgment without hearing both sides? Funny how you can start the day on the top of the world but before it's over everything seems to go to hell. Some preachers would swear on a stack of bibles I was waiting at that tree just to cause Adam's fall, but nothing could be further from the truth. To be honest, I was waiting for God because I knew He would come by there later. As I rested on that limb, I couldn't help but notice the valentine heart-shaped fruit hanging down in front of my face and I got to thinking out loud, ""Why, I could be just like God, and know good and evil. All I'd have to do is eat some of this fruit." So I reached out and plucked one and ate it. But nothing happened. After trying a couple of more I began to suspect that God lied. About this time I noticed Adam and Eve walking towards me and I got to wondering what would happen if Adam was to eat some of the fruit. However, I realized God had forbidden Adam to eat the fruit, but what about Eve? I know, some preach I picked on Eve because she was the weaker sex, but the fact is, God never forbade Eve, nor did He punish her for eating it. He punished her for talking Adam into eating it.
    To make a long story short, after eating the fruit those two ran off into the bushes, and a short while later God comes along looking for them. Of course, wouldn't you just know it, those two fools comes walking out of the bushes covered in leaves. No way God wouldn't suspect something was up when He was used to seeing them nude. So God asked Adam and Adam pointed his finger at Eve and blamed her. Then God asked Eve and she pointed her finger at me and blamed me. But when God turned His venomous look in my direction, He never asked me anything. He just cursed me, and I, Lucifer, the most beautiful creature God ever created was turned into that old serpent, called Satan and the devil. And some of you wonder what I got against man and God!

  • Becky Burkeen
    Becky Burkeen Il y a mois

    All we have to do to crush the serpents skull, is stop pointing fingers and take responsibility for our own actions, repent and ask for forgiveness. Turn and don't so it again..then let Jesus into our heart to guide us and heal is actually very simple, and a gift of God's grace....just do it!

  • tsimahei
    tsimahei Il y a mois

    Wow! thank you much for this. I've debated militant atheists, most of whom rely on that li'l dark box of outdated atheist delusions, and wish I had this years ago. Years ago! OK, the dust: Dust is where all feces are deposited. In any culture nothing is 'lower' than dust/dirt. It's the ultimate insult to a prince, a wannabe god, to be cast down and forced to eat feces. Look at the shoe. In Middle East cultures, if someone slaps you on the face with a shit or foot, what does it mean? You walk in beauty

  • Alberto Llaneta
    Alberto Llaneta Il y a mois +1

    The Serpent is inside the body of human flesh, is called "DESIRE" to TASTE AND TOUCHE the fruit in the middle of human body.

    • tsimahei
      tsimahei Il y a mois +1

      @Sandal Krisztian Got it, thank you. niio

    • Sandal Krisztian
      Sandal Krisztian Il y a mois +1

      @tsimahei cast down to earth = body conscious. 5 senses, etc = materialism

    • tsimahei
      tsimahei Il y a mois

      @Sandal Krisztian But, they were already on earth. Satan was cast down. If you like things about aliens, read or watch Alien Intrusion. Ver cool.

    • Sandal Krisztian
      Sandal Krisztian Il y a mois

      Reptelian brain=responsible for desires, sexuality etc etc basically whatever is material. Adam and eve "ate the fruit" and they hid from the god, when God asked :why u hiding?. They answered :because we have no clothes. Hence, they became body conscious and they have been "casted down to earth(materialism)"

    • tsimahei
      tsimahei Il y a mois

      And rebellion. peace to you

  • E A N Brown
    E A N Brown Il y a mois